Spoken Word: Nameless???

Hold me close, hold me close
Hope stay and don’t go away.
Please stay and don’t go away.

But it slips and it slides and I lose my fragile grip.
Shaken to the core by Reality sudden entrance, I trip
so Dreams fall and lay shattered on the kitchen floor.
In haste, I try to reclaim and piece together the shards
it’s so hard but driven by Fear, Anxiety mounts
and each attempt to regain that which is lost causes pain.

It cuts to the core; a lost dream last attempt to be remembered makes marks on my palms
as blood flows freely not to my heart but from it at least that’s consolation.
A mark has been made, let me feel
Let me be

So I persist, shut out the pain and reach for the biggest piece convinced
that if I can grasp it I can retrieve it’s beauty and
if I can retrieve it then surely I can remake it
and possess that which eludes me and so I strive as I cry but nothing seems to change
except the excruciating pain which remains. My hands now bloodstained remind me of His and
then it hits me, it slips beneath  my consciousness and settles deep, His bloodstained hands whisper peace be still.

Listen below

This has no name because i wasn't thinking about it, i was supposedly trying to figure out how to refactor my C# code and use the Singleton design pattern

 but yeah mysterious way so please if you have a name for this nameless piece have pity and share

sometimes i chase and strive and try so hard to find peace and then it hits mii
so yeah, this is a shout out to everyone who like mii is driven by fear, reality and anxiety and then proceeds to alienate others and try and create, fix or put together peace via shards and fails.


akaBagucci said...

deeply sad.. until the very last line.... peace be still...

Kafo said...

i know right
and i'm actually happy tonight so yeah

peace be still oooo
we buy any car!!!!

Olufunke said...

I can relate to this!

Kafo said...

@ Olufunke
it's wierd but i woke up this morning, turned on my computer just so i can listen to it another 5 times.
makes no sense but yeah i can definitely relate, which as i said makes so sense because of course i can relate because i wrote it
but this one
ahhh has a special place

Jaycee said...

I like this part, "So I persist, shut out the pain and reach for the biggest piece convinced
that if I can grasp it I can retrieve it’s beauty,,,"

If I can grasp it I can retrieve it's beauty...because there's no amount of beauty that can be hidden. There's nothing we can grasp if we make up our minds...faith heals (like the woman who touched the hem of His garment).

Jaycee said...

Maybe you can name it
"Peace, Be Still."

Neers said...

Suspended Reality! - the name.

also, Kafo... beautiful! :)

Street Preacher said...

beautifully written and honest! love it... and a perfect end too!

Street Preacher said...

or u can call it ... "broken dreams"

from the line '...so Dreams fall and lay shattered on the kitchen floor'

thefriend said...

this time i hung on to all 88 seconds worth. :) blessed by your inspiration.

Tisha said...

his blood stained hands whisper
but yet they speak
loudly in the realm of the spirit
they scream out loud and bring
strongholds down

God's strength is usually not seen in your strength but in your weakness.

Myne Whitman said...

I enjoy and I'm moved by your spoken word, I saw your vids after the interview with Jaycee and the one on Rahab, powerful. Keep it up.

Kafo said...

@ Myne W. : Thanks once again

@ Tisha: true but we try as much as possible to not be weak so how do we ever get a chance to see his strength

@ theFriend: I TOLD YOU oooooo lol

@ StreetPreacher: i like it cuz that is where i started, i started with that line and then the rest just followed

@ Neers: Suspended Reality hmmmmm

@ Jaycee: Peace be still: kind of seems leading, i don't want them to know that peace is coming down the road

akaBagucci said...

lol.. came to hear the poem again...

oh and we buy any car.... :)

Kafo said...

@ akaBagucci: :)
if i ever make it to the UK i am soo checking out that company, i will bring my rusty toyota corolla 99 and see if they will really buy any car