In reaction to ...

Once again there is much to be said and lil' time to say it,
So here it is as it sounds in my head.
Human i am
Human i am not.
Blood flows thru' my veins, blood flows thru' yours
and yet your life means nothing to mii and so i take it so easily
Human i am
Human i am not.
in reaction to nets and machetes

Make it count
we've lived a third of lives for others
seeking approval in order to be accepted
Stop it and instead make it count
cuz at some point you gotta start living for yourself
we are 25 going on 50 and by 75 according to David  and God we should be dead
so this is it, our time to live
cuz when 50 rolls in, all we will have is creases and mortgages, regrets and mammograms.
so choose to live NOW
in reaction to quarter life crisis

Sustainable difference
find a way to make a sustainable difference,
not an isolated one time donation into heaven's coffers
to assuage guilt and justify your indulgences
because people die every minute and one time donations
are like using a spoon to bail water out from a sinking ship
in reaction to thinking about making a difference

Thank You God for not making me a god
Thank You for not making it about mii
Thank You for putting people in my life that remind mii that the world does not revolve around mii
Thank You for not making mii in charge
Thank You soo much for helping me to realize that the day after i die life will continue as usual
in reaction to not being needed


Jaycee said...

It is our time to make a sustainable difference.

thefriend said...

hmmm, small doses are richer still.

Remi, United Kingdom said...

we cannot just be remembered as "we came and left" I agree with Jaycee... we must all do our bit to make a difference - in and to this and coming generations...