Sabbath Series: 19 - Reflection on the Ever Surprising God

Being able to plan out each move and each phase in your life is cool and reassuring,
being able to rely on God for the next stage is frustratingly beautiful.
Frustrating in that He always waits for the last minute,
beautiful because He never fails to stun your senses with limitless grace.
Your wildest dreams might include multi-million dollar lottery tickets
but His reality is a front row seat ticket to witnessing His glory.

I have to admit that on most days I would chose the former, I want to have the power and the psychedelic gift to control and map it all out but then my weaknesses rear their head and fitting them into my dreams becomes complicated then I realize that surrendering to the One that knows all of mii including my weaknesses might temporarily be disconcerting but is eternally gratifying.
So as I sit in this office lobby thinking and trying to plan out the future, I tell my mind to pause and just write His praises instead 'cuz my wildest dreams cannot compare to His breathtaking and show stopping reality that He has planned.

Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord my provided, who forgives mii of my sins and has redeemed my life form the devil's grip. The creator of my life, the another of all things good, Lord I try to surrender today to you. My aspirations for the future and plans for today are yous. Thank You for the gift of your son and the air I breathe today. Thank You Father. Your promises, like David said preserve mii and today I cling to the promise that You will complete this work that You have started in mii. I know you will do it in such a way that You will get all the praise and glory and in order for this to happen it must be totally out of my control hmmm..... let mii think about that part for a while.

FYI: Change in plans will be updating this blog regularly on Wednesday I've decided to continue the Sabbath Series which i normally post Fri/Sat, hence the change.


Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

I so needed this post! Thank u...Thank u...Thank!!! I totally feel the same way...struggling with "letting go and letting God"...May God help us :-)

Kafo said...

girl seriously this weekend was mind numbing in a way becuz it was like hmmm God blesses even when you don't deserve it in ways u can't even explain so just surrender jareee

and then i think of the pain when things happen that He allows and i pause.

so yeah
daily struggle