A new dawn

I apologize for my delinquency :(
Writer's block is a lame excuse
so i won't use it
why didn't i update my blog and let it sit idle for over 60 days
because i wasn't sure i wanted to write

i finally realized that writing is essential but meaningless writing is an abomination
and so i started thinking about what i wanted it to be

i remember when i just started writing in 05 it was just for mii, reflections on movies, vent sessions just to chronicle the madness of my mind
when i started blogging in 2007 it was about baby steps in poetry and being heard
and now

now i want it to mean something
i want it to be more than words on a page
i want it to be so explosive it forces mii to change the way i act and hopefully impact others in a meaningful way to do the same.
i want unspoken to be light not heard but seen, i've been content for too long to debate and postulate and then sit on the sidelines.

that ends now

i'm tired of empty words
including mine
and that is why i am killing my other blog
d Lamentations: it was about mii writing letters that i never post to political figures

the new vision is wRitten, Reality and Reaction

is the spoken word/poetry part/vignette that has been the norm for the last year or so and will be updated weekly on Monday morning.

is the news we never hear about but we need to know exist will be updated as the news is found

is Dent, my attempt to put a dent in this wall of pain that keeps building around us all and ideas on how others can do the same. will be updated bi-monthly on the 15th and 30th (for feb. it will be 14 and 28th)

okay so that's the concept
and God willing and Holy Spirit helping it will be.


currently they are three separate blogs that are accessible thru tabs on each other but a more fluid template is in the works.
most of the people subscribed to wRitten (formerly known as d Unspoken) can access the other blogs or can subscribe/follow separately to them if they want.but being that they will all be updated at different times it might help to treat them differently.

i'm in search of a new template this one is just temporary (i hope) i can't seem to find what i want and i'm too lazy to create it so we will see.....


Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

love the idea! Welcome back and good luck!!!

akaBagucci said...

welcome back... will be following .. as usual.. except the politics one of course..

KJB said...

Ahhh Kafo...you keep goin' girl! Your writings matter. So funny, new vision and direction is everywhere...and like you, even with change, the heart remains. Keep an eye out for my details soon *wink*.


Tisha said...

love you kafo
i am glad you are back
never forget you for the piece
you wrote on palin and barack

Kafo said...

@ Tisha: i promise to be more consistent

@ KJB: i'll be waiting

@ akaBagucci: i'm giving up politics. too much drama that i can't do anything about

@ Blowing Blessings Your Way: :) i need more than luck oooo, consistency is key and let's just say i don't have such a good track record

Rita said...

Hi Kafo, I just saw ur comment on my blog with regards to the question on the Infant Step Series.

I am glad that you are a living example of how a relationship can work without premarital sex and i believe you are in the best position to encourage queen.

However, I feel that some lines of your comment do not have an encouraging tone, which is really desired since it is a burden Queen is sharing. Please could you review the comment and modify some lines that may not sound encouraging? Thank you.

Please take no offence - I know Queen personally and I assured her that the people of blogville are very encouraging. I do not want you to stop commenting or sharing your views on my blog.