Spoken Word: The Secret Life of Hymns

so this is the piece i wrote for my friend.She is putting together a night dedicated to hymns and this is the intro

Amazing Grace,
Grace, Grace, this life is a race and as we take each pace it would do us good to pause
and retrace the steps of those who have gone before us.
Their lives are etched in the hymns we sing, stripped clean and keep pristine by simple melodies.
Not made for movie stars or generated for memoirs,
They instead explore the core of the Christian existence.
Listen to the stories not awarded with Grammys.
Billboard charts and UK Top 40s can’t eclipse their significance,
Because they were born in the struggle and forged in the fire so they have been preserved to draw us closer to the One who alone offers peace that this would cannot understand or replicate.
So dedicate the next couple of minutes to contemplate the beauty of their message,
get lost in the simplicity of their faith yet complexity of their lives and learn to yearn for a closer walk with Jesus because he alone, He alone allows us to say in the midst of the storm, it is well it is well with my soul

it is less than 90 seconds :(


David C Brown said...

It is fine to bathe the soul in these experiences from the past and to find that they fit our own experiences with God, and with the lord Jesus.

Myne Whitman said...

I love the poem and how you started and ended it with the titles of poems. I also read a cadence to it which shows in your good reading. Nice voice BTW, I hope your friends night of hymns went well.

akaBagucci said...

hymns remind us that there is no temptation that befalls us that is not common to man.. whatever the struggle is, someone's been there done that!

disgodkidd said...

so thanks to daydah, i attended my first SDA....and was so cool, and comfortable...after all the hype of my thousand-plus-seater church...lol...

the wedding was beautiful too...and i met a chick...he he he...i actually picked up on a girl...and i scored...she gave me her digits...well, maybe i wont spend this Christmas watching cable TV alone afterall...lol

StandTall-The Activist said...

Ah I thought at first that you were rapping. This is nice.

Don said...

Nice. And very meaningful. So true @ draw us closer to the One who alone offers peace that this would cannot understand

sunnyside said...

That was Lovely,am going to sleep well tonight

KJB said...

Beautiful girl! The hymns are some of the truest expressions of life experiences with God...where words and melodies reign over beats and bass. Lovely voice :)!


Kafo said...

@ KJB: my voice is a mess, i think u were hearing my voice thru the photoshoped picture of snow and so it sounded good. lol. i barely sing tenor but u are right about the impact of hymns

@ sunnyside: sleep is good

@ Don: thanks for stopping by, some days i just chill in the hymns and in those words find peace, glad u could relate.

@ StandTall: rap, ah noo i gave that up when i found the Lord, or should i say when he found mii

@ disgodkidd: i'm jealous i wish i was there sniffle sniffle, u should email mii and tell mii more oooo

@ akaBagucci: well said

@ David C Brown: hmmmm true

shubhangi said...

Sounds like an wonderful.I Love to read more poems.

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StandTall-The Activist said...

Happy new year love!

AlooFar said...

I love your title. Cool.