Accident: PART 1

I got into an accident on Saturday
i was at church and for some reason God DID NOT protect miii oooooooooooooooooooooooo

I was leaving church to go and distribute bible studies
and for some reason HE DID NOT MAGICALLY i mean MIRACULOUSLY stop my car

so i am no longer doing anything for God
cuz he doesn't protect mii when i do.

i had to spend the WHOLE of today running around to fix the lady's car and of course the money did not grow on trees, so i had to beg and scrimp to find the cash and God did nothing

so yeah stop stressing yourself trying to do good cuz u will still end up in pain, battered and bruised with an EMPTY GAS TANK on monday night

did i mention that the only reason why i went to that church this sabbath was because i had to go and do STUFF there that MORNING

to be continued ....


doll said...

if you did not have that accident do you know what else may have happened

Jaycee said...

Hey darling, that's exactly what the devil wants you to be thinking right now? Remember how Job's wife told him that the God he was serving wasn't interested in him, that he shd just curse God and die?

Hey sweets...I got ur email. Thanks. I need to find time to watch that awesome video.

Love ya!

tunrayo said...

lol. okay, im not taking this post seriously cos i dont think you really mean it. but if you do..i concur with Jaycee and doll's comments.

sorry about the accident though

StandTall-The Activist said...

Sorry dearie, you know frustration is part of life even sad so. Don't lose your faith.

Myne Whitman said...

Will reserve my comment till the end part. Hope you were not hurt in the accident? Take care..

kendra said...

shit will happen, its a fact of life. because u love God and go to church doesn't mean bad things won't still happen to you, it means that when they do, He'll be with least u r alive 2 tell d story, u cud still run around in ur car(it cud still be used, not like u hav 2 buy a new one)

disgodkidd said...

hmmm, i know kafo so this is not the end of the story so this is like that suspense music they play in movies when the hero is about to be killed...except heroes dont die...

Rita said...

I just saw this post, and the one afterwards...feeling a bit sleepy now but hope I could talk to u more about this soon.

Kafo said...

@ Rita: sleep well, word on the street is that sleep is good for u

@ disgodkidd: am i that predictable that you can't accept this rant as the reality hmmmmmmmmmmm

@ kendra: okayyyyyyy wierd to see shit and God in the same sentence but thanks for the words

@ Myne W: why didn't u take bait

@ Standtall: keep on keeping on ooo u inspire mii for real

@ tunrayo:oooooooo why isn't anyone taking mii seriously

@ Jaycee: :)

@ doll: i have absolutely no idea and that in itself is frustating i guess