The simplicity of his words
the beauty of his tired smile
the familiarity of his touch

this is all that matters
i'm home

Spoken Word: The Secret Life of Hymns

so this is the piece i wrote for my friend.She is putting together a night dedicated to hymns and this is the intro

Amazing Grace,
Grace, Grace, this life is a race and as we take each pace it would do us good to pause
and retrace the steps of those who have gone before us.
Their lives are etched in the hymns we sing, stripped clean and keep pristine by simple melodies.
Not made for movie stars or generated for memoirs,
They instead explore the core of the Christian existence.
Listen to the stories not awarded with Grammys.
Billboard charts and UK Top 40s can’t eclipse their significance,
Because they were born in the struggle and forged in the fire so they have been preserved to draw us closer to the One who alone offers peace that this would cannot understand or replicate.
So dedicate the next couple of minutes to contemplate the beauty of their message,
get lost in the simplicity of their faith yet complexity of their lives and learn to yearn for a closer walk with Jesus because he alone, He alone allows us to say in the midst of the storm, it is well it is well with my soul

it is less than 90 seconds :(

Brevity NOT A GIFT??????

I'm on this new say-what-u-got-to-say-in-5-minutes-or-shut-up trip.
I don't know why maybe it is school and mii wanting to spend my time studying and not listening to people gab.

What makes it so sad is that it is now affecting mii.
I am losing my ability to talk and listen for significant amount of time.

My brain has been spitting poetry in weird places like showers, class rooms, public restrooms, and they are all short.
I don't get it.
Last night my girl needed a thingy for this bash she is having in Cali and it ending up being 13 lines of course beginning in the shower and ending on my bed but yeah THIRTEEN LINES it comes to about 76 seconds. The fact that it took mii about 30 minutes to put it together also alarms mii.

i don't know

so yeah
maybe it's because i'm getting older.
I'll post it after she launches it on Saturday
i might actually record an audio version and see if i can stretch it to 90 seconds.


Accident: PART 2

What is it about the ranting and raving that causes us to pause and comment and throw in our two cents.
I realize that when i look in the mirror and hear my thoughts i do nothing but when i see people put those same thoughts on paper i start to encourage them
so here is the question i am asking

why can't i just encourage myself
why do i have to wait until someone else is hurting for the promises to kick in and the advice to come pouring in.

So yeah, the accident on Saturday not a biggy considering that things could have been a whole lot worse, so the previous rant was just made up to get a reaction.

i apologize

but i won't lie, the moment my car hit her's while i was jamming to Kurt Carr's In the Sanctuary, the thought did occur to mii but fortunately this time around i was surrounded by this cute adorable guy named Carlos and later by Junior on the phone that when i actually got around to thinking about the situation, it was empty anger, empty hurt.
i was just blah.

what makes this so ironically beautiful was that the Preacher guy had just given us Rom 8:28 from a different angle, not the angle of good things will happen but the view of that he loves us and in the end it will all work out eventually.
hell can fall but u get to choose how u would react
and earlier about 1 hour before the preacher guy i had just ended my uncle's sabbath school class by saying
look the Israelites are whiners but it isn't a question of whether or not we are in a better position than they are instead it is what happens each day.

The question we should be asking is will God eventually stop testing us and just accept our decision or is this another step to the top of this mountain, another step to bring us closer to him
and i felt good to school these grown up christians who mostly double my age

and then BAM accident and all the beautiful christian thots and theological musings are staring at mii and my damage trunk.

anyways sha: i will post this tomorrow after u have had a minute more like a day to enjoy my initial mental reaction

goodnight PS: school is kicking my behind and i have about 10 days left in it but december is about getting back to the things that matter and not the things we just do to keep our lungs full of air and our wallets full

Accident: PART 1

I got into an accident on Saturday
i was at church and for some reason God DID NOT protect miii oooooooooooooooooooooooo

I was leaving church to go and distribute bible studies
and for some reason HE DID NOT MAGICALLY i mean MIRACULOUSLY stop my car

so i am no longer doing anything for God
cuz he doesn't protect mii when i do.

i had to spend the WHOLE of today running around to fix the lady's car and of course the money did not grow on trees, so i had to beg and scrimp to find the cash and God did nothing

so yeah stop stressing yourself trying to do good cuz u will still end up in pain, battered and bruised with an EMPTY GAS TANK on monday night

did i mention that the only reason why i went to that church this sabbath was because i had to go and do STUFF there that MORNING

to be continued ....