9 words in 9 lines

Realize that the complexity of Christianity is its simplicity.

I want to say more,
I want to define and refine these nine until they become a headline
etched into the minds of each Christian.
But the clock is ticking and once again I am reminded
that the more I talk the less I act.
So in faux obscurity i live my activity
and allow this reality to further cloak His divinity
in a veil of mediocrity lived spoken by mii.

*** *** ***
actually i wrote this at 12:55am but had to time stamp it for 9:09 cuz i love perfect squares like this one and just couldn't NOT do it. :). goodnight oops, i mean good day


Debbie said...

This is a perfect number.
Nine represents fruitfulness.
My desire is to be fruitful for God in every area of my live.

Daydah said...

090909: while you were typing i ws busy being hit on the head wit a newspaper to stay awake so that i could continue praying - MFM prayers brought to us live by Dr. Mrs. Makinde....Hope u had a fruitful day

Buttercup said...

Loved it..

Jaycee said...

I like the way you always tell us how you speak because you want to live that way, even though you're still working on yourself each there. There is no fake perfection in here, only someone who is pressing through the crowds to touch the hem of His garment.

Lord, teach me to be TEACHABLE. Time is not mine...the clock is ticking. I read your comment on my last post, and I can assure you that its time for us to wake up.

Love ya! My best blogger...

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

As alsways a reminder of a life not to be forgotten. The fire is still burning. And I pray I will be that vessel He is molding me to be :)

How are you doing babe :)

Rita said...

Yes, sometimes I want to say more...but then I must know how to talk...thanks for sharing this

Tisha said...

I totally love the lord

He died on that cross and i will never forget.

Kafo said...

@ Tisha: He died on that cross and i'll never forget. NINE WORDS. thanks and have a blessed weekend

@ Rita: i need to know how to act. talking comes easy to mii, encoded into my DNA but acting hmmmmm

@ The Life of a stranger called me: your prayer is my prayer

@ Jaycee: :) have a blessed evening

@ Buttercup: :)

@ Daydah: i love your mom

@ Debbie: amen oooo

sunnyside said...

What would u like xtians to know abt 9. I ve heard it means fruitfulness, delivery. I ll love to know more..., Nice one

disgodkidd said...

am still here. and i still miss you.

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Amazing write up...

David C Brown said...

But the fruit of the Spirit is:




Kafo said...

@ David C. Brown: meekness. hmmm too true
thanks for stopping by

@ Harry Rami Ite: God is good

@ disgodkidd: i didn't forget you oooooo hope all is well.

@ sunnyside: i'm not focusing on the spiritual word 9 i just took nine words and expounded upon them