Twice the feathers

I got in my car yesterday
switched radio stations and heard Allister Bay talk about James, faith, slander and feathers. he said something so hot, i started to text myself the message while i was speeding down 59N just so i wouldn't forget

We sometimes define gossiping as spreading lies or embellished truths about another person
but Allister and i quote (cuz i texted it to myself while i drove DON"T DO THAT OOOOOOOOOOOOO)

slander is the unhelpful repeating of the wrongs of others.
he went on to say we propagate the failures of others in order to assuage our own guilt. In order to feel good about ourselves we degrade others (even if what we say is true)

Then I went thru the day

At the end of day, after dealing with people, expectations, sick people, coughs, thermometers, showers, chicken noodles, low internet connection and annoying classmates, slow drivers. Oh and after cursing out all these people to my steering wheel

i got an email
only this time via youtube and not my Scottish preacher on the radio

what are the odds.

so yeah
now it's your turn


9 words in 9 lines

Realize that the complexity of Christianity is its simplicity.

I want to say more,
I want to define and refine these nine until they become a headline
etched into the minds of each Christian.
But the clock is ticking and once again I am reminded
that the more I talk the less I act.
So in faux obscurity i live my activity
and allow this reality to further cloak His divinity
in a veil of mediocrity lived spoken by mii.

*** *** ***
actually i wrote this at 12:55am but had to time stamp it for 9:09 cuz i love perfect squares like this one and just couldn't NOT do it. :). goodnight oops, i mean good day

Thoughts at 2 a.m.

I'm not a fan of weddings cuz
Weddings are like romance movies,
they serve as the prologue to the real deal.
One is always left wondering what happens after the kiss and the credits roll.
Weddings are like an appetizer to a really good meal, that you will only see but never taste.