Progress Report

so yeah I've been cleaning out my closet and dealing with all this junk in my mind but then the truth terrifies mii to hide and i do so once again.

how am i?
I took my first vacation as an adult
I am 25 years old and this is the first time IN MY LIFE that i have planned a vacation or trip for pleasure and seen it thru. I have a long history of cancelling things and changing plans or leting logic take control but being that i am 25 and this is quarter life crisis year ... i'm grabbing the bull by the horns

So Sunshine and I went to D.C. and we were tourist, i walked until my legs hurt and read and took pictures, mercy i think we have at least 1000 pics from the five day period.

I kinda gave my mother a piece of my mind, similiar to conversations that Vera has with her wonderful moms but mine of course was a departure from the norm. My mother and I usually agree or I just keep silent and vent to myself in the shower but last week I just let it out and I think I felt good about it.

I realize that I make rationalizations for my actions to people alot
I need to be more mindful of that
I feel the need to explain the way my mind works instead of just letting it all be
so in this month of august i need to figure out my hair look and also how to stop making rationalizations and justifications and offering explanations
i feel another post forming ....

anywayz sha

Responses to previous post
@ Writefreak: I am fine ooooooooooooooo, taking it one day at a time

@ Chayoma: nah u are not talking out of your behind, it does apply on so many different levels, I'm glad u found it soothing, i have to admit that it was more for mii than it was for the viewing audience but i'm glad it provides you with the same sense of calm

@ Chari: u said it too beautifully i can't reply

@ Robyn: i don't know oooooo

@ Daydah: i think i owe you a call, sorry

@ Tisha: :)

@ Buttercup: it is wierd cuz everyone is getting the subtle calm vibe of it but to mii it is this immense struggle and war hnmmmmmmmmmmmmm

@ Solomonsydelle: i have been delinquent in keeping up with the kids, i am sorry ooo. glad u could relate

@ Debbie: thanks