Foiling Love

Forgive my shortsightedness and selfishness.
I should have seen u today if only to watch your
lips curve into a smile or watch them move as u spoke.

I should have seen u today as messy as I am just so u could
hold mii and make mii feel better.
I should have seen u today
just so we could share a common emotion whatever it ended up
being, be it positive or otherwise.
I should have seen u even if u had no
smile I could hear or comfort giving hug or gorgeous lips or an emotion to share.

I should have seen u just because u wanted to see mii, the real mii.
So think about it
first before u rush to forgive.
Because I took away a moment we could have shared, I preempted
the birth of a laugh, a smile, a hug, even a tear.
Today, I took away your choice and ability to love mii.


akaBagucci said...

Perhaps one or two blips can be excused..... The loss of one moment today.. should strengthen the anticipation for the next opportunity....

doll said...


Tricia said...

Nice, wish id found this place sooner

Tisha said...

u r a poet o
the martyr...

you either want it
or not

Kafo said...

@ akaBagucci: yeah maybe, i don't know it just seems that with a ticking clock each moment should be maximized upon

@ doll: hmmmm

@ Tricia: thanks for stopping by

@ Tisha: i want to be seen beautiful but at what expense, so yeah i want it and at the same time i don't cuz it messes up the image i'm trying to portray

Jaycee said...

I really really love the simplicity in this Kafo, I really do...

I want to host something on a conference call tomorrow. If u're free I'd like you to be one of the co-hosts...pls can u send me a message (ur email isn't listed)--- Jennifererere at hotmail.

(I know u're a busy woman so I'd totally understand...but just email me at least so I can fill u in, plus I get the chance to save ur email for future reference).


Lady A said...

I enjoyed reading. Keep writting! That was nice!

sunnyside said...

nice poem i should have seen u just cos u wanted to c me" sounds just like me. keep it up

Kafo said...

@ sunnyside: thanks ooooooo

@ Lady A: i enjoyed writing it oooo

@ Jaycee: i was there

Daydah said...

I totally agree with akaBagucci on this one.
@Tricia u better go read up all the other posts from the beginning - its an enormous gift to humanity, to have her share all she's been thru [no she's not payin me for marketing!]
@Kafo: is sunnyside sunshine?

rethots said...