I will not commit
until i know
I will not commit
until i own a blender
I will not commit
until this is over
I will not commit
until i've recieved an email
I will not commit
until i know the plan
I will not commit
until I am sure
I will not commit
until He speaks
I will not commit
until the door opens
I will not commit
I will not live
I will wait
I will sit
I will do nothing
until I die

to be sure
to die.

wow i think i like this one

it just hit mii this second
wish i could make it pretty and use beautiful words
but i need to sleep
this one screams comprehension so i hope u can relate

maybe i will issue a remix in the future


Rita said...

It is like saying Procrastination is the thief of time...only a bit stronger...

Hope you get a peaceful sleep :-)

blogoratti said...

So i take it you don't own a blender:)

Here's my take,ahem;

I will commit
because i know

I will commit
If i don't how would i know?

I will commit
because i own nothing

I will commit
because you are everything!

Tisha said...

i committed to God because i knew He loved me and would always do me good.
I knew He had my best interest at heart.
I will commit to a man who has the same heart and mind that God has towards me.

simeone said...

wow...nice ..this made me laff a bit...the until i die part...especially....

how u doin..?

Kafo said...

@ simeone: i'm fine taking it one day at a time, the die part just snuck up on mii and then it settled in my mind and i kept it

@ Tisha: awwww i love that, for real, a beautiful take on it. thanks for sharing that

@ blogoratti: oh my word, i am soo loving u right now

I will commit
If i don't how would i know

hmmm too true
and then i one at the end 'bout being my everything
u made this into a mini love poem

@ Rita: i was waiting for u to post your post before i go to bed and so i opened up Firefox and then started typing and then i fell asleep i had only 15 more minutes and i would read your post first. :(

KM said...

Well done on the closet-cleaning and the vacation and the speaking your own mind.

Things will come together.


sunnyside said...

it does scream comprehension coz i comprehended a great deal..i finally stoped waitin n opened my blog. keep keeping the dream alive. nicenyte

Debbie said...

Nice writing, but I'll say this.

I will not commit to anything that will hinder my progress to the next level,

I will not commit to dispair
to sorrow, to hatred, to lust, to wickedness.

I will commmit to love, joy and peace.

Daydah said...

I love this poem...and i love blogoratti and Debbie's versions/additions.

I will commit to love, joy and peace.

Awww (*sighing audibly). Lemme leave before I dissolve into a pool of romantic daydreaming!

Keep up the closet-cleaning - waiting for some titbits from the vacation - u know u owe me!

Kafo said...

@ Daydah: i owe u a call and pictures u will get them soon, i hoe the planning is going well

@ Debbie: i like u twist on it also especially the middle one about despair and lust and ...

@ sunnyside: lol i don't know why i wrote the whole screaming comprehension, i guess it is cuz sometimes i read what i write in the future and think WHAT DOES THIS MEAN

@ KM: long time, there is a thin line between self psychoanalysis and insanity, trying to stay on the right side of this thing

Uzezi said...

thought u were writing about not commiting till you hear from God, as in always seeking his direction before u take any step. then the last part of the poem changed that. more like he who fails to plan plan to fail.

Debbie said...

Thanks for your message of condolence left on my page.

God bless

Good Naija Girl said...

I read this more like Rita did, a cautionary tale about putting off until tomorrow what you can do today because you might not have a tomorrow.

It's certainly something I can always stand to hear; thank you.

Buttercup said...

I looooooove! :)

sunnyside said...

yeah i perfectly understand what u mean.atimes i read something i wrote a long time back and am like, "who weote this crap" other times am like "cant believe i can write this well"... cant wait for your next post