One question

i can't sleep
one question on my mind

why does obama go on trips with his WHOLE FAMILY ALL THE TIME

i thought he was going to Moscow on Business but there you see the children again
it's like every trip is a vacation for his wife and kids

i don't understand



The Life of a Stranger called me said...

LOL.. maybe its school holiday, and since daddy is the president they get to see the world too (call it part of the contract he probably signed before being elected into office :)). If his wife has to go, then the kids has to

why worry Obama, he has enough worries of his leave him to it..

meanwhile how have you been? Kafo is the person I'm interested in not the presido. I'm believing that all is well with you. Take care mi dear :)

Daydah said...

I am thinking its an image he's trying to portray, like 'The whole family cares' or something. Unlike in Britain where two of the royal family can never take the same flight so they are not lost at the same time in case something happens.
How are you?

LG said...

lollllllll dats bcos they r His Family :-)
*how u, e don tey o

simeone said...
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simeone said...

.me thinks this children a quite young..and he doesnt want them to no grow properly cos he and his wife were running around for the country...

simeone said...

how u doin..?

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Lol! This is funny oh!

Well maybe they don't have nannies oh!

How are you doing?

Favoured Girl said...

I don't see it as a problem at all, I actually think it's cute. Portraying the whole family as one close-knit unit is better than leaving the kids with an army of nannies at home :)

Olamild said...

I don't know why but it's all good

Tisha said...

I love Obama
a terrific family man
I am sure he can cough without people wondering
He is just a man afterall

let him live life the way he wants us
feel free to wonder though!