corners become mii
and i lose the freedom to say no
and so i strike,
hard and swift at anyone,
at anything that threatens
my need to say yes


Rita said...

Hi You!
I wont say I understood the poem well enough so I wont comment about it :-)

Enjoyed reading the "Cleaning out my closet, part 2" and realized that it is good to be different. LOL @ the "I love to cry" part.

Kafo said...

@ Rita, hmmm i do love to cry it used to drive my sisters nuts when we were younger cuz they could never understand it or predict when it would start. the poem stems from the dirty closest so it's okay :)

Uzezi said...

u should be able to cry a river if u would be paid for it then. lol

love the poem, and i can put a meaning to it, that might differ from yours. anyway, poems always mean differnt things to different people.

Tisha said...

loved the post before this

i love to cry (not in public though), i know how to cry and get a haedache and be satisfied cos all the tension is gone.

simeone said...

hi..kafo..pls can we talk for a bit..

Kafo said...

@ simeone i hope all is well just dropped u an email

@ Tisha lol and here i thot i was the only professional cryer

@ Uzezi hmmm what's your meaning to the poem, really interested in knowing

thefriend said...

i like this and part 2 - articulates you so well, but then again - maybe i should save my saliva. :)

seems like you've been doing more than just academics on yorktown. nevertheless, i suppose this compensates for that overdue q&a.

Writefreak said...

Come and unravel this mystery o
Hope you're good!

Writefreak said...
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Kafo said...

@ thefriend: no it doesn't

@ Writefreak: okay so here is the story. i like feeling like i have the right to agree and that i was not manipulated into that position. in most cases i am going to agree with whatever it is that a person wants mii to do but the moment they back mii in the corner i strike, forgetting that i had no problem with situation in the first place

so basically
i like feeling i can say no even if i was going to say yes, but the moment u take that right away from mii i FLIP