Quarter Life Crisis: 1- Spontaneity

So it only seems fit that this quarter life crisis thingy should begin with an out of the box action, this wasn't intentional but then again if i had planned it, it wouldn't be so crazy.

Today i had to call all of my sisters (WHO DID NOT PICK UP THEIR PHONES) and all of my friends (the unmarried ones, cuz calling married people after 11 pm is just not polite) to make my decision and all of them came to the same conclusion

and yet even after all of that
it still took great effort for mii to take the leap.

I am logic, everyday, even when i am angry i have to try and convince myself that the rage is justified if not i can't seem to work myself up about it.
I am numbers, everyday, give mii the spreadsheet and i will tell you the best course of action
I am plans, everyday, come to mii without a plan and i will not even consider your proposal, talking i can freestyle but trips and relationships all fit into their own little box packed away in my brain's cabinet.

I got off the phone with Sunshine, reminiscing about the last two years of our unique relationship and how our anniversary is in a couple of days and then Mudiwa called and we talked shop then i said i needed to get off the phone and that the next time she will talk to mii I will be in Indy and then she said are you coming home and I said no that was a mistake and then she said you should look at prices and see what's what of course i said no.

then thefriend sent a text wanting to know if i had a minute to talk i said i did
i called her and then she told mii what was going on and then asked why i was quiet
i said i'm a quiet person
and then she launches into this whole "is this the new kafo of the latter part of 2009 that i will have to be dealing with...."
and then i told her what my mind was doing
and she backed up Mudiwa and said yeah you should do it
her words
"you love him, that's good cuz i was starting to wonder about that"
then i told her how much it might cost and she said
"why do you always have to put a dollar sign on your relationship (OUCH) and ....."
and so i said i will check it out and see how much it cost
if the one way ticket for a flight leaving in less than 12 hours was >200 i wouldn't do it
i logged on to priceline and it was 100 bucks
so then i called Jman and he said "Kafo follow your heart" then i laughed him off and he was like why do girls get to tell each other follow your heart and i can't do the same.
and then I called Oge and she said "Yeah do it, it isn't really that big of a deal"

mercy i didn't have to convince any of them

of course none of the sisters picked up the phone but VIxen had earlier said i suck at this love thing and Junior wants mii home anyway to baby her and Poetic Justice hmmmm i'll find out tomorrow
of course i have to call my uncle in Texas to let him know i'm out for a week and a half and
who else
i don't know

so yeah
i did it
what did i do
i bought a ticket to go home to Indy for 10 days
i bought a ticket TODAY to go to indy IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS
i spent 100 bucks on this one way ticket from Omaha to Indy and honestly it was hard cuz i'm not a spur of the moment kind of girl. I think things thru but yeah
okay so i'll keep you posted on how the week pans out
keep in mind that all i have is a backpack full of gear
which equals
1 journal
1 bible
2 books (Lynn Austins Strength of His Hand and The Butterfly in Brazil book)
3 tops,
1 pair of shoes (snickers)
my laptop
a pair of jeans
oh and of course 3 underwear
2 pairs of jailbait socks
1 toothbrush
(did i mention that i haven't combed my hair this month)
this was all supposed to last for the 2 days i was in Nebraska and now i am getting on a plane not back to Houston but to Indy
oh my word
my mother is going to freak out
i'm freaking out
this is soo not mii
i wonder what will happen next during this self induced quarter life crisis

stay tuned.


Adaeze said...

Wawiwow! Queen of the castle! lol

Good luck! Let her freak!
So am I getting you right, you are going to visit someone you heart?

I vote for it anyway :p

simeone said...

kafo..be gud, all the best on your trip..sounds interesting tho....
sometimes ..its good to do away with the calculations...

Vixen said...

LOL! I didn't pick up cos I was at work. It's good to see u being spontaneous though!

Good Naija Girl said...

Good for you, following your heart! As a non risk taker, I totally feel you as you tried to call everyone whose opinion mattered for their opinion before making your decision. Sometimes though you have to realize that it's your life and just jump into it!

(hehe, I could use this advice I'm dishing out, actually)

my blog

Kafo said...

i'm here in indyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
just landed and honestly i almost got on the Houston flight, i checked in for both but then just stood there and was like hmmmm

@ Adaeze: yeah

@ simeone: be good hmmmmmmmmmmm what are u talking about ...... lol

@ vixen: we are no longer sisters, just joking

@ Good Naija Girl: is this a new blog you have i just visited it

simeone said...

lol..i meant something like ..be cool ..and yes .you could make use of "be good" too..;
hav fun..

Debbie said...

A decision made is half the battle won and a sign of progress well done.

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

A quarter life crisis?

Interesting. I am feeling quite old now...

poeticallytinted said...

Please let us know. Gosh I want to be you right now.

Writefreak said...

Yep way to go! Make sure you have fun!

Remi, United Kingdom said...

lol.. sometimes we have to be spontaneous.. have an awesome time..
Much Love :-)

The Life of a Stranger called me said...
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The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Kafo beautiful,, I positively await your return with an update. I'm trying to use alot of words :)..

This should be fun..

KJB said...

Wow, I've missed alot of excitement :)...here's to the memories made and lessons learned this week...hope it's been great!


Olamild said...

Can't wait to see how it goes

thefriend said...

just now reading this...

did you seriously check in for both flights???!

wow. spontaneity is a good fair weather friend. so glad you've finally met.

Kafo said...

@ thefriend: i thought i told u about it hmmmm

@ Olamild: the last week has been something will update on it all soon

@ KJB: girl as long as you are healing well i don't care how much of it u miss

@ The Life of a stranger called mii: it has been fun y are u trying to use a lot of words lol

@ Remi: i am having a blast it is wierd how much time you can spend doing nothing and loving it

@ Writefreak: :) it does have some scary elements

@ poeticallytinted: hang in there, i have to say that it has its up and downs but i'll explain it all in my next post

@ blackwomen: yes ooooooo quarter life crisis's exist or at least i am trying to create one

@ Debbie: i guess u are right,

@ simeone: if only u knew ...

SimpleeMe said...

Love your blog :-). Hope you had fun o!!!http://drivetoenko.blogspot.com/

The Bookaholic said...

uhmmm...quarter life crisis indeed!

doll said...

LOL @ quarter life crises…am going through one myself

Neers said...

you go, girl!!

and then...... ??

quarter life crisis is a good thing.... in the long run,i realized! :)

Daydah said...

so wa are still waiting for the updates - was it worth the risk? [of course i know it was,silly, but i wanna hear you say it out loud! LOL]