Decision Time masquerading as Quarter Life Crisis

Today is my birthday, not tomorrow or the day before or yesterday.
25 years ago, today May 3rd 1984 I was born,
not May 4 as my passport, driver's license and all other documentation would suggest.

I was born today oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

The first man that i fell in love had a lil problem with numbers, this problem has manifested itself in various aspects of his life. For instance, he got golden age birthday cards for over 3 years because no one really knew the year he turned 50. He is gifted with words, but numbers ... ahh let's just say that is not exactly his forte.

So it would make sense that one of his four lovely daughters will have a birthdate that is not her birthday and being that Vixen got the brains, Poetic Justice got the knack for organization, Junior got the name, JUNIOR and the personality so it seemed fitting that his third daughter would be the one who has to pay the price for his lack of numberknowing, Of course his deficiency became her efficiency and let's just say that numbers and math are like honey to her.

Anyways enough third person talk

For the first ten years of my life i celebrated my birthday on May 4, until 1995 when we found my father's 1984 diary and saw that I was actually born on May 3 and that as a pastor, on May 4 he was speaking at a man's funeral. For the next 15 years of my life i embarked on a choose a date for your birthday. All depending on the year I would pick which ever date worked the best for mii, this of course drove the rest of the family crazy but the had no choice.

Today that all ends,
I am 25 and determined to have my quarter life crisis issues, here's the time i believe and have theortically hypothesized and concluded that if i go thru all that crisis issues now at 50 I will not abandon my family and shack up with a younger man. I will be releasing very soon a list of things that i will hope to accomplish and a list of laws to live by during this year so that i trully experience a crisis or whatever people go thru.

But as i was saying, the indecisiveness and inability to stick to one option is done. I hate making choices i hate having to decide mercy I AM NOT THE DECIDER so anything that requires a decision that doesn't involve numbers adding up drives my logical mind bonkers. But now I am going to live life INCLUDING HAVING ONLY ONE BIRTHDAY and taking the consequences as they come, I don't know how regular people do it but it seems like for the last 6000 years people have survived with one day as their birthday.

So yeah
today is my birthday ooooooo
of course now i have to inform all the people i know who think tomorrow is my birthday and let them know that i have finally made up my mind and i'm sticking to this date for THIS LIFE.


thefriend said...


however, this would be what we call insufficient notice - so i'm going to operate under notions of equitable estoppel and proceed with original plans to pretend tomorrow is your bday. :)

can't wait for you to be back!!

i suppose in lieu of the above, i can at least say - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Kafo said...

i love u JB

perfectpen said...

happy birthday!

StandTall-The Activist said...
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StandTall-The Activist said...

We will fight o. What's with you and claiming position. I lost someone and you just claim position and left. I am frustrated with light issue then you left no comforting message and left. We will fight o...

What did you do today? Where is my cake? Today is blogger Afronut's b'day too..

KM said...

Yes, many people manage with one birthday and I believe I have one as well, but since I celebrate for the whole month, not many people know, lol!

Living life -- you have the right idea.

When your QLCrisis comes, you won't be unsure... but you will come through it alright. You've seen me survive mine, haven't you? :-)

Ever need to chat, hit me up.

Happy birthday and blessings on you. May the coming year stretch and hug you in all the right places.

Good Naija Girl said...

Happy Birthday! May your life be touched by God's blessings only!

I'm sure you've already taken a huge weight off by picking one date! Will you bother changing all the other dates on your official documents?

simeone said...

wow..sorri i'm kinda late..with the greetings..hapi birthday dear..Good bless you..

Adaeze said...

Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day? We're so many May babies on Blogville. May and April babies. :-D
Very interesting idea about forcing urself to go through a quarter life crisis. I have pondered on that myself. best of luck! Can't wait to see updates.

Beulah! said...

Happy belated birthday dear...i wish u many more years of plenty jollofing & enjoyment....

May all ur dreams come true in jesus name, say amen...

Reverence said...


yes! some else that believes in QLC, people look at me crazy when i talk about it :(

Kafo said...

@ perfect pen: thank u oooooooo

@ Standtall: no vex i beg i will explain all on your comment list,

@ KM: i am sure to take u up on that offer sometime in the not so distant future

@ Reverence: thanks

@ Beulah! amen, amen and amen

@ Adaeze: ah i am going to force myself to have it oooo, i have spent too long being realistic i have to create this internal conflict now so it doesn't appear in the future when i two quarters of a century years old

@ simeone: for u i will make the exception, today is my legally birhtday so it still applies, thanks

@ Good Naija Girl: i figure when i get married and have to change my name legally and all that i will handle it then, i think, i'm not sure hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, will have to get back to u on this one

BSNC said...

Happy belated birthay :)

Telekinesys said...

Had that kind of mix up for like 3 years too. Happy belated birthday.

Today's ranting said...

Happy belated bufday ooo. Lol @ you having to decide your birthdate.

disgodkidd said...

happy birthday kafo

Rita said...

Happy Birthday of my younger sister was born on 25th May but had similar bday issues like you did. Her own mix up bday was 5th of May. I almost called her up

Please can you send me ur email address. Mine is Want to ask you for a favour.

The poets voice ~~~ said...

OMG how late can i get?? so sorry this is late but HAPPI HAPPI birthday Kafo!!!.
May God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.

Lots of love, *Hugz*.

rayo said...

ur birthdate got mixed up. wow. lol at havn a quarterlyf crisis

Lady A said...

Awww, dear!
Happy Belated Birthday to ya with much love!

KJB said...

Woo hoo! Happy Belatd Kafo!
Another year of life is a gift girl, crisis and all :)!


Remi, United Kingdom said...

Ah,where is my comment now? i commented oh.. helu..ooooh..
and I made one baba speech oh.. pwissst (kissing my teeth!lol).

Happy birthday luv, hope you had a good day oh.. ojuju comment box ate my comment.

I pray God increases you on all sides and in this your new year you will soar like an Eagle oh.. u will declare that 'norrin do you' cus you are a child of God. God will use u for His glory and you will be a blessing to those around you.. in Jesus name I pray...

Oh yeah, seems we chasing each other around on the blogs! hehehehe

Now,comment box don't eat my comment oh, otherwise, fire, fire oh.

Have an awesome weekend
Much Love

much love..

Vixen said...

So pretty much I missed your birthday because I never got this memo. Why didn't u decide this earlier?

I still think you should stick with May 4...even numbers are so much better than odd numbers..except for 7...

Also, when did i become the smart one? You're the smart one...I'm just the crazy one.

Love u lil sis.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I am so so sorry I missed your birthday. When you talked about the man you first fell in love and his birthday cards, reminded me of my dad, we must have celebrated 50 for over ten years :) lol.. and no kidding we started this in the lates 80 ties, when we were really young, lol...

and my dad doesn't even know any of our birth dates, thanks for our mother. And he too celebrates his over two days, his mum says he was born a few minutes after midnight, and his dad says it was a few minutes before midnight, so go figure, we celbrate dad's birthday over two days lol..

I'm so sorry I've just been talking about about my dad instead of wishing an excellent birthday.

And you know what, because this is the year that God will visit you and transform every area of your life, and a year that you longings will be fulfilled this birthday will mark the beginings of Shouts of Joy in your life in the mighty name os Jesus.

You are blessed sweetheart. Watch and see, it all happening. As my beloved would say, there are alreay firworks in the spiritual relm just because of what is about to and is happening in your life..........

Have an awsom year.

Daydah said...

So I called you on ur Un-birthday and you still had the grace to sound gracious...hmm..
I always wondered why you suddenly changed your birthday to 4th when you and yellow pawpaw (remember him? Dont want to use his name) usually do 'twin birthday' on may 3rd. I guess it was the documents and all.
Good decision.
Stick with one - your case eis even better, I have a friend that celebrated his naming ceremony day as his birthday until he wanted to apply for MSc and found his original birth certificate. He's almost 30.
Good decision.
Have a QLC.
But dont include ignoring your blog or your friends.
Luv u sis

Kafo said...

@ Daydah: naw it's cool, we go wayback even the sisters the two older ones didn't call until monday later in the day so you are fine.