What makes a nigerian unnigerian?
I'm trying to figure this one out.

Is it

1. Not having a passion to return to nigeria
2. Not being able to speak the language
3. Not wanting a traditional yoruba engagement
4. Using an american name
5. Not having a nigerian accent anymore
6. Not having nigerian friends
7. Not gravitating towards the nigerians you see in your city
8. Not being able to dance to nigerian music
9. Not watching Nollywood movies
10. Keeping quiet when people diss your country
11. Not knowing about current affairs going on
12. The number of years you have spent outside the country
13. Not dating/marrying nigerians.

or is it a combination of them?

So yeah help mii figure this one out

I mean which one is worse, if a person was to be unnigerian what would be the worst thing that would qualify them for the award


Remi, United Kingdom said...


Interesting post... I have had a few people call or brand me as such...

Going by that list...I can identify with about 10 points from that list... I too don't know if that now makes me unnigerian oh! :-)))....

simeone said...

intersting..permission to re-phrase..? i think it's "what would be the best thing that would qualify them for this award?"..
i'll say 10 and 11..but for 10, it not worth it talking in some places or with some people sometimes..
hope u are cool..? peace

Writefreak said...

For me i would say, keeping quiet when people diss your country is the height of Unnigerianess!

Debbie said...

none of the above for me, those are minor I think denying you are not Nigerian is what I thinks makes one unnigerian...xx

KM said...

Lol, what a question.
I am an unrepentant non-Nigerian -- because I am not Nigerian, lol. I do respect y'all, though.

Kafo, didn't you leave "Not having an interest in traditional Nigerian food" off the list?


Cidersweet said...

LOL at Km's comment. Very funny.
The list is very comprehensive. I've been trying to put it together for some time (subconsciously) and you've done just that. Thanks.
No. 7 takes the prize for me (not gravitating towards Ng ppl). That one seems like the ultimate rejection of Naija.
This was a very cool post (in a very cool blog :-))

Kafo said...

@ Remi: my sentiments exactly, i don't know, i lack a couple myself

@ simeone: i agree with u when it comes to number 10 sometimes defending your ppl is conterproductive, when it comes to 11 it is very sad how many people who proudly dance the dance and talk the talk and eat the food have no idea what is going on

@ Writefreak: i like that phrase "the height of unnigerianess"

@ Debbie: hmmm don't u think that most of the things about us are rather left unsaid, dont actions scream louder than words

@ KM: soo true ooo i totally forgot about the food,

@ Cidersweet: hmmmm #7 have u ever been to houston cuz then u might just change ur mind, thanks for stopping by.

RocNaija said...

I'd have said a combination of practically everything you listed..

Cos one without the other doesn't really make for an unnigerian..

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i kinda feel Debbie..
I think being unNigerian is a blatant disregard for/denial of your heritage when the opportunity presents itself. We are different in personality and characterics and what not... so i dont think anything on the list should be regarded as being unNigerian

Buttercup said...

i think it's basically denying any association with Nigeria as a whole..

Buttercup said...

snap..i really shud read comments written before me, i basically said the same thing as diamond hawk..lol..

My World said...

I think it shld b #10,not defendin your country regardles takes the cake.
I also concur with b'cup and diamond hawk.

Mimi said...

:) who's asking?

well i guess you can start by asking this question...

what does it MEAN TO BE a nigerian?

If you get the answer to that and you fulfil at least one of it,

then the 13 questions you've just asked don't matter I guess (Rules according to Mimi)

Jaycee said...

I don't think all of the above necessarily disqualifies anyone, but I know that DISOWNING NIGERIA will...LOL. (e.g. "where do you come from?" Answer: "California." OR "London"). That's Unnigerian! Lol.

The Paradigm said...

No 10 won the show!!! that's the height of it really
we all guilty of one or the other i guess .. me? No 11 :(