Christian Lament: 1

I'm a Christian, but yeah, let's just say there are some things we have to take care of
because we are hindering the flow of the gospel, and this isn't an indictment on
the corporate church entity but on its members including myself who sit around
and do nothing. So hopeful by speaking these words into existence we can find
a way to heal from within.


He is Humility
and I hate to say this bluntly
But it is a big shame;
‘cuz we define ourselves by His name
the state of our leaders needs to be disclaimed.
He came to die, stripped to the waist
He knelt and washed our feet
and yet each time we meet it’s all about the elite

He chose to use earthen vessels but
we try and adorn ourselves to the point
where his light which shined so freely in cracked clay pots
is forced to compete with our decked out egos
and lingos. Like Pharaoh we parade in our limos
paint our faces, trying to outdo the other fellow
we are our own greatest foes
without and within
this is not just about the color of your skin
the size of your church
the money in your purse
the name on your purse
it extends
it reaches beneath the surface
we try and mask and adorn ourselves
covering our flaws to draw applause

Acquired Situational Narcissism
that’s the shrink lingo for this disease
that infects and spreads with ease
past denominational boundaries,
it breeds like herpes in our churches’ bodies.
Lord, have mercy
It pervades the ranks of our leaders.
Let me call it by its name once more
Acquired Situational Narcissism
it alters, no it deranges the man to a psychiatric state of mind
where he forgets who he is and
chooses to reject his humble status
as a servant a sinner saved by grace.

He is Humility
you are pride
the two cannot coexist
the longer you persist with this hierarchical list
you go against the very foundation
the pope cannot think he represents the One who came to die
as long as he is fawned over and praised like a deity
and dressed in finery.
Where is his meekness?
Where is his humility?
God came down, dressed in human flesh,
which was striped from his bones
for the remission of our sins

We tack on titles to elevate these servants
who allow the situation to redefine their identity
our pastors have become lil’ popes the antithesis of our Creator.
driving around in their Bentleys with bodyguards and private yachts
they have forgotten that they have been called to serve with the basin and the towel
if the moment you become Christian you start to think you are better than others
you start to postulate and use words like justification just to show your sanctification
humility is a word we do not know
or care to show and that is why our
words have been so shallow
actions, hollow.
We do not see it
we don’t realize that we trivialize his mission by
dressing up and acting like we are little perfect wax models.
If we did and treated pride like a sin
it would be harder to hate the prostitute
gossip about the drunk
be jealous of another brother
lobby for the death penalty
and the list goes on.

Reacquaint yourself with your unrighteousness
bask in your weaknesses
knowing that His power is perfect in it
speak truth in love
cower not in front of those who claim
to proclaim but do not live out His name
you answer to God, not to man,
title or not, they have no power to redeem you
not the pope or your pastor
celebrate his mercy
go to Calvary each day to remind yourself
cuz just as darkness flees in the presence of light,
your pride will cease when you remember His sacrifice

my pride will cease to exist when I pause each day and remember His sacrifice.

ouch this stings
I am determined to listen to my professor today cuz it's the last day of class
Okay so no editing until later


Remi, United Kingdom said...

Firrrssssssssssst.... .Girl u so on point, on point, ON POINT OH... see I don't have any more words for this...!!! Thank you for posting this.

Please abeg listen to professor oh, so you can ACE exams :-)

Much Love

Kafo said...

@ Remi: i listened ooo, and i think i understood one thing he said about deformable bodies and skeletal movement.
i don't think i will edit it i like the first draft, a lil' wordy but i think it works. may the Holy Spirit convict us all of this truth

KM said...

there's such simple freedom in being who you are -- nothing more than you are, nothing less than you are.

"just as i am" is how the song goes. not too high, not too low, but like goldilocks, "just right" in the palm of God's hand.

much love.

Bibi said...

hmmm...very beautiful. with the combination of your profile song. i know i have to leave my pride everyday.

Robyn said...

good work here
some issues in christianity need to be voiced.

simeone said...

"you answer to God, not to man"...

...."your pride will cease when you remember His sacrifice"..i hav been there before..

stinging but true words..hmmmm

My World said...

Beautiful,deep post...

Rita said...

Thank hit the nail on the head and said the truth as it is...Let me think on it...

Tisha said...

first off,
You are the righteousness of God in Christ
second, you are meant to believe evey word He says and doubt anything that does not proceed form the bible.

All iin all, Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God so you keep hearing God's word to grow your faith.

The bible says the "truth shall make you free"

I have experienced amazing miracles in my life and so nobody can make me feel that God aint real or i should play church.

Choose to be real and teachable... Let the word of Christ dwell richly in you so that it controls your thoughts, words and actions...


Tisha said...

forgot to say
i love your blog