WOW from a Relunctant Family Member: 1

WOW= Words of Wisdom
Relunctant= Loving family is easy, living & dealing with them ISN'T

Virtuoso, oh, ohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

My unconsciousness loses the battle as my eyelids struggle to open and adjust to this Sabbath morning light.

Virtuoso, oh, ohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

My brain tries to make sense of it all, did i sleep thru' my alarm?
Did i wake up only to throw my cellphone across the room in anger at the jaring sound?
I open my cellphone and the digital screen reads 7:29. Hmmmm, my alarm is set to go off in less than sixty seconds but how in the world is there music in THIS house, on a Sabbath morning BEFORE i have gotten up. WHY IS THE MUSIC SO LOUD?

I'm trying to control my annoyance at the blaring sounds as i struggle to get out of bed and make it to the bathroom, hoping and praying that it is empty and luckily for mii it is. As I emerge, i run into Shorty who proceeds to ask mii if He should take a shower first or if I wanted to, since i was already awake. I stand on my tippy toes, pat his head and nod.

End of story.

Seems like a normal scenerio, you wake up to music and get in the shower, right?
Normally, i wake up, take a shower and then wake up the cousins (aka shorty and kc, aka my kids). After I wake them up, I put on some Christian music like Big Daddy Weave, Chris Tomlin, Donnie McClurkin to get the Sabbath started and then go back to their room to make sure that they are out of bed. I then proceed to ask them who wants to get in the shower first and how many minutes they have. So imagine my suprise when I wake up to the king of sleep, Shorty, awake and already putting together a playlist. What is more suprising is that he looked at mii, ASKED mii if I wanted to take a shower first and then he is taken aback and looks at me wierd because I was stunned to silence.

Sometime between getting in the shower and looking for clothes to wear my annoyance gave way to beauty and praises as I released what had happen. Sometime in the last year, I had passed on the baton. My cousin was singing to David Phelps early on Sabbath morning and I had to smile, I had to close my eyes for just one second and say THANK YOU, LORD.

I'm always screaming at them on Sabbath morning to get up and take church seriously so that we can get there on time,
I'm habitually turning off their ghetto gangsta & angry white boy music and replacing it with my Christian music.

Yet I'm stunned when they take over and start listening (albeit at higher volumes than I would recommend) and singing to my jams.

I mean YES, it is the norm but normally i initiate it. It's my norm, I didn't expect them to adopt it. So I ask myself a question what else about mii are they adopting?

So yeah as you set out today what example are leaving behind
if those around you were to copy you what would it look it,
if they were to adopt your attitude and actions
would it make you smile

okay now its 8:47am and I need to be at church in 30 minutes so yeah, gotta split

have a blessed day

oh I don't know if i passed my Perf. Eval test will find out on monday


simeone said...

just claimin firstest....been a while i did that..
proper commentin later....
hi kafo...

JustDB said...

LOL... Hopefully its a sign that you are becoming a pervading influence in their lives.. Surely that's good?

Jaycee said...'s good to see the change. Thank God. I like the simplicity of this post :)

Enjoy your Sabbath dearie...

Kafo said...

@ simeone: u are first oooooooooooooooo

@ JustDB: yes it is good but at 7:29AM on a Sabbath morning LOL

@ Jaycee: God is good, i will

Daydah said...

It is said that we emulate little habits of those we like - whether its slangs, finger cracking, or even winking, we pick up things from people we love even unconsciously.
Kafo, do you realize how many people around you have picked up all the good qualities you exude always? Can you do me a favor?
Pls reflect on the past decade, for incidences like this - am sure you will find numerous ones.
You are a pillar for those around you - its why I know that God has led you on that path for a major reason, which is touching lives.
God bless you

Daydah said...

nice new blog theme by the way