Woes of a Logical Person IX: Brainwork

my brain is a beautiful thing but sometimes it gets mii in trouble. my first woe of a logical person was over 2 years ago in February of 2007 and yet my brain persists in being a foe causing mii woe. in 2007 i think I had an understanding with Time, now time and I can't seem to be on the same page, some days we chill and others...

He says

Thank you for believing in mii

I think
I love you. I
love the you I know
and see, not the you, that
you want to become. I love you
but I'm scared that one day you will
look in the mirror and accept the you I
love and see now, and then you will reject mii
not because you do not love mii but because my
love will be irrelevant. You will not need mii and I will
not be enough for you. Just being mii loving the u i see now
without the reality of the u that u will become will not mean a
thing cuz you will be the man I love, not the hope driven version of
you. and so i wait. i wait as i love a man who is yet to accept my love for his
beautiful soul and not the man he wants so desperately to become. i wait to see
if my love will change him, i wonder if time will be the unmaking of this story, time
holds sway and dreams might demand i pay a price, so i sit and i ponder just a lil' while
longer and hope that this change that will help him accept my love will not undo our love.


Robyn said...

i wish that someday my writing could be detailed as yours

LG said...

i 'love' dis post

Lindah said...

Great post. this reminds me of some lyrics from a movie "If Only"
I love you, you love me
Take this gift and don't ask why
Coz if you, will let me
I'll take what scares you and keep it deep inside
And if you ask me why
I am with you and why yuo'll never leave
Love'll show you everything.

simeone said...

kafo...where are you from...?
i'm wordless mhenn..

Danny Bagucci said...

I give up.......This is as intellectual as it gets!!!

Kafo said...

@ Robyn: it sucks but it seems like i write the best when pain is present

@ LG: thank u

@ Lindah: who acted in that movie i watnt o watch it, the lyrics are haunting

@ Simeone: i must confess, I'm an alien oooooooooo from the planet OxtroNex, na for real tho' i'm just a mixture of life,brain and pain some days the mixture is sweet and others ...

@ Danny B: i was suppose to be studying and then the first three lines dropped and i started scribbling last night, it really wasn't one of those soul searching deep thinking revelations it was just a gut reaction to a statement

RocNaija said...

Ok.. Read it once..
Already know I need about three more attempts to get my head round it..
Slowly but surely I say!!

Nice one!!

KM said...

:smile: you once -- like, this morning, lol! -- told me a little thing about expectations. put yours down... keep your heart open... be you and let him be him. adjustments are always necessary when you're dancing with someone else... don't let that stop you enjoying the music — or the company.

KJB said...

ahh Kafo...i've loved liked this...till i learned to embrace and give love's greatest gift -- Freedom. it'll cost you everything...


simeone said...


princesa said...

Very Poetic and deep.
I hope for your sake it works out at the end.

Debbie said...

This is really deep shall, have to read it again.
It's deep, but it's simple in message
I love you regardless of you
who you are now and who you want to become.


disgodkidd said...

K, i hate coming to blogs and being jolted by unexpected music playing.


Girl, you and i need to sit and look through your music playlist. I so love your selections and it introduces me to lots of gospel i never knew. can we work out a download plan?

Kafo said...

@ RocNaija: i read it twice myself and then smiled cuz i realized that i said what i wanted to say in a way that requires i read it twice

@ KM: timely words you are sooo right and to think that i was giving u advice earlier hmmm

@ KJB: i was listening to a sermon earlier today that spoke about the greatest act of love being freedom and that is what Christ did for us and i remembered this post and tried not to read a deeper meaning and then u leave this comment :( but yeah love=freedom

@ Debbie: i know right

@ disgodkidd: i know someone you know so maybe next time i could send a whole CD full of stuff via her so just let mii know what u want and if i have it, i normally put music on the blog so that i can come and just read my blog and enjoy the music cuz my ipod is harder to program

Daydah said...

love is a beautiful thing! And yeah -love=freedom. His love for you will transcend all, you'll see.
And er...since i know the 'someone' that disgokidd knows that you know, remind me to remind her to tax him when the whole CD arrives at her doorstep (only two people can figure that out right!) :D