I have been writing when I am supposed to be studying and that is not good for a person who is trying to get a master's degree in computer science and not english lit but yeah, about 20 minutes ago i ended up on youtube cuz thefriend sent mii a link to some other video and then i clicked on this one and then i started to write instead of study. so yeah, it's fresh and raw and probably ladden with typos but yeah check it out
read and
then act,

oh and if you decide to say a prayer for this lady who has a Performance Evaluation Midterm in less than 12 hours that would also be nice

Throats dry, lips cracked,
I die each day a thousand times
you have it, you hate it
you replace it with soda and wine
and that's fine but I define my day
as a search for it
blood flows cuz i lack it
blood flows freely cuz we fight to protect the lil' we do have
one day, one drop, one life is lost
tick tock tick tock
old paths gives way to new
as we press on to pursue
this dream to attain that which
we pray will relieve our pain
dreams give way to reality and so
we replace our desire with buckets
of disease in order to appease our parched
throats and prolong our lives just so we can dream once more.


Fashinga said...

First!!! I cant bliv it...hehehehe

Fashinga said...

Ok..Now to leave a more sensible comment....I'm not praying for you...not when u shuld be studying..hehehe

Love the video though, it was funny and serious as well..

Anyhoo, laters!!

JustDB said...

wow.. all these for water? not bad.. nice imagery too.....err emthinks u need to give the performance eval a serious shot u know.........thx for stopping by...

simeone said...

"the friend"..? hmmm

LG said...

lollll i jst prayed 4 u
9ice video

BSNC said...

lol God pls help her with her performance evaluation midterm.. i like the concept of the video. nice

N.I.M.M.O said...

'Is water the new oil?' That is the question.

Won't pray for you, you don't need it.

Go do your thing.

Olufunke said...

Nice one!
All the best in your performance evalution!...I guessesd it went well.
Hope you have found time to study now?

Interesting piece about water..

feather said...

love the poem

Rita said...

Hope my prayer is not coming too late :-)

Didnt get to watch the videos (am at work and it's not allowed) but liked the poem

Computer science student...go and get Ph.D in English...

Kafo said...

@ Fashinga: lol i see your comment go to your blog and read this post about how u are addicted to blogville na wa oooooo

@ JustDB: i did go and study eventually :(

@ simeone: there is a story behind that one

@ BSNC & LG: he helped ooo thanks for praying for mii :)

@ N.I.M.M.O.: u sounded so confident do you know something that i didn't know

@ Olufunke: i studied for the next three hours went to bed, put in another 5 and yeah let it be

@ feather: nothing deep just first impressions on the video

@ Rita: pray anytime you stop by i always need it, Ph.D HELL NO in English DOUBLE HELLLLL NO :)

Lady A said...

It's funny how we can take everyday things for granted. I'm so glad my family and I wake up with clean fresh water.
PS, get back to studying!!!! Get that master's for the both of us, lol!

Jaycee said...

Awwww...so how did your performance evaluation go? Gist us naw...Mwah!

crys said...

didnt watch the video yet, but nice poem!

doug said...

Na wa o! All this because of omi, mmiri, water???!! Lol! Get back to your books Miss!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

PS - Dear Lord help Kafo! ...I said my prayer!

Adejoh Momoh said...

The video is fun. Pray you'all have time to study. Pray you also have time to blog... your such a great blogger....

Daydah said...

Lovely poem...I told u u always over prepare - c? U even did better than you thot!