Test results sniffle sniffle

Okay so i had a test about a week ago and let's just say i studied like crazy.

You know when you have a big test and you run a exhaustive comprehensive intensive seminar on everything and then you get to the test and all the questions are straight from your study notes?

Yeah well that didn't happen to mii
everything i studied was not on the test
my cheat sheet that you are allowed to bring was USELESS

the first question on the first page i drew a blank and then turned the page and my heart sank a lil' more
so i went to page 3 and when i realized that it wasn't going to get any better
i just started writing

so i get to class yesterday
get my test back
and i was blown away

i passed
not with a 74.5 like i expected
but a 90.5

i still don't know how that happened
when asked by my classmates
and then
one of them was like what you expect mii to believe this is a miracle
i was like
i don't know how i got every single question especially the hard ones right and then i missed the easiest one, i was majorly freaking out so yeah this is God.

Thank You Jesus

so help mii thank my GOd oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

now i have to get back to finding all of the malware and junk on my PC before the Conficker virus hits tomorrow

so yeah if you read this tonight
please run a scan on your PC to make sure you are clean oooooooooooooo


oh and thanks to all who mentioned my name in prayer,


simeone said...

nice one kafo..all thanks to god for his wonderous works..hapi 4 you .........
and on ur previous post..cant remember wot i was gonna say..but its a touchin one

JustDB said...

Ahah -- finally.. Good for you.. God came tru evntually... plus u did study after all!!!

Jaycee said...

YAYYYYYY! God is good! Congratulations. You know, I have a strong feeling that you were meant to show people who God is, just by the way you passed this test.

I'm sure it was scary when even you cheat sheet became useless right in front of your eyes, lol.

disgodkidd said...

he he, this was good. reminds me of those good times in school when i aced tests and exams. congratulations.

oh and for the CD just mix the most contemporary recent gospels you have and am sure i'll love it. and i can pick it up easily from our mutual friend. thanks in advance

Kafo said...

@ simeone: the song u have on your playlist by PlusOne wow it takes mii back i used to rock to that song like no man's business

@ Jaycee: this is God 100% i can't even front on this one cuz normally my cheat sheets are the dictionary on everything u need to know

@ JustDB: yes oooo God is good

@ disgodkidd: it won't be for a while i don't know anyone coming for another 3 months will keep you posted

Olufunke said...

Hey girl!
Thank God for your testimony!
God was showing you off...........
More grace!

Jaycee said...

LOL...I just saw ur comment about the drifter's life. I am with you on that. The drifter life is easier and swifter...the only problem is that a drifter's destiny is never really accomplished...the reason he was created never really acknowledged.

Spot on!

Kafo said...

@ Olufunke: yes he was

@ Jaycee: it's been one of those days

Chi-Chi said...

new here
wow, that is amazing

God is wonderful, i tell you
90.5 WOW

Daydah said...

And another 'halleluyah' for Jehovah! I will always admonish you for under-rating your Godgiven intelligence.
See how He showed you He's in control yet again?