Sabbath Series:16 - Just Thinking

My thoughts are scattered and I'm too excited right now (i'll tell u about y later) to compose them in a comprehensible manner so bear with this post

So how do you know.
How do you know if it is the will of God.

You wake up one morning and decide to become a doctor
how do you know that God is the one calling you to that field?
Is it by your natural talent for biochemistry,
your parents dreams and wants or your need to help people?
How do you know that God is calling you to that.
Or is there a voice in your head telling you to choose medicine over business

For real

I'm wondering and blogville is full of different people with different backgrounds so i figure y'all can lend a hand Kafo, a clueless quester.

How do you know he is the one
The one to spend your life with forever till death do us part
How do you know if want you want and what God wants for u are the same?
No, im not going to make this easier and tell you that he is a drug addict. Let's assume that there are two men equally sold out on Christ and responsible and all that jazz and you love both, how do you know which one God wants you to marry
Do you assume that God's will is what your heart wants u to do or ur mind?

While we are talking about marriage
let mii ask this
Do you believe that God chooses or we choose and God blesses or disapproves of our choice
The first belief basically means that God sends the person to complement you to you and that God knows who this person is and all you have to do is follow the voice is your head (HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS VOICE IS GOD'S AND NOT YOUR MOTHERS')

The second belief means that you make your choice and then God either blesses the union or.......
i'm not really sure how this belief pans out.

so yeah your calling as a minister, doctor, your choice of spouse how does the whole God told mii thingy work or do we just do want we want and add God's name to let him take the blame just in case it goes south

so yeah
have at it
cuz im confused


disgodkidd said...

hmm, i can so relate.

for three years i have been a church staff against the wishes of my family and friends.

for three years i have been earning a quarter of what my contemporaries earn and living from day to day.

last month i walked away from a job offer 3 times my current pay.

this month, i have an offer 4 times my current pay, with a laptop and car.

but i think God wants me to stay in church.

How do i know its God and not guilt? How did Joseph know he shouldn't pull a prison break stunt?

Kafo said...

@ disgodkidd: you didn't answer my question ooooooooooooooo

Jaycee said...

The reason I love this post is because you said something very important about how people attach the phrase "God said..." even when they aren't sure. I've been learning how to differentiate God's voice from other voices, and I think it is a learning process. God called Samuel many times before he recognized God's voice.

How do I know God is telling me to go ahead and make a move on something? Because when I think He's speaking to me, I begin to watch out for a confirmation...any confirmation...and it usually comes. Be it in finding my future partner or my future career...somehow God will always confirm His word to you...and I can't tell you how God confirms His word, because He does so in so many diverse ways...:)

disgodkidd said...

How do i know its my mom talking to me on the phone when i cannot see her?

For the true believer, i think its a gut(spirit)feeling,you just know it is God talking.

And if perhaps your senses are clouded, the Father loves us too much to let us stumble.

And if we are too clouded to even miss his escape plan, our God is big enough to turn our mess into a message.

So either way, the just shall live by his faith.

thefriend said...

I don't think you've got the 2nd approach accurately represented. It's not that you make your decision and then ask God to mark it with His "approval-stamp"...

God has already given us guidance on how to choose a spouse. We've added to His word an unnecessary condition/limitation/burden to find "The One" which leads us to do crazy things like pluck flower pedals and wait for an email with an affidavit attached from God.

Approach #2 does not discount that there are certain divine appointments when it comes to marriage where God leads specific individuals from the womb to the alter, but it relieves the pressure of Hollywood's misconception that there is always only "The One". Rather, it says that follow the guidance of God (from His word, SoP, & your personal communication w/ Him).

Just as there are different ways to bake a cake, it will be a cake so long as you have the fundamental ingredients. God has already spoken on the topic of marriage and told us exactly what to look for - Does He have to say more? Must we wait for the personalized certified/return receipt requested letter? His guidance is your fundamental ingredient - it will always yield results He will bless.

I attended a session two years ago that directly addresses your question from an approach #2 perspective. I listened to it again just a moment ago and think it's worth your time. Just ignore the corny jokes. Nicole Parker's "Is This the One?"

Kafo said...

@ Jaycee: you hit the nail on the head, that is what gets to mii and im thinking they know something I don't

@ disgodkidd:the just shall live for faith hmmm still thinking this one out

@ thefriend: technically u could have just told mii this on the phone last night hmmmmmmmmmmm but then i forgive u cuz we are going to see ISREAL AND NEW BREED for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
but yeah i will listen to it later tonight when i get back from the library

simeone said...

mhen..does ur head work lyk mine..helll naw..but thenn this thing is not what i can answer here and now..
what i know is that there is God's perfect will and His permissible will...gotta run..

Naijalines said...

Hmmm...I don't know. Guess u just follow your heart and trust that's God speaking to you.

Debbie said...

Nice questions: first, I think the consequences of our decision/choices proves whether it's God's will or not.

If we have peace in our choices this can also be a pointer to whether its God's will or not.

sometimes we can't hear God audibily this is why when we take a leap of faith and believe that God will guide us sensibly into making the right choices, because no matter how much we pray, sometimes we hear nothing.

And as Jaycee said, sometimes we will get the confirmation in diverse ways.

Infact the best way of knowing that it's God's will is from his world, it holds the answers, whatever it is we are sure to find it if we really look.

Olamild said...

I think we choose
and God approves/disapproves.
He will not come down to tell us whom to be with or what to do with our lifes. He just opens his arms wide to receive us anytime we run to him.

I don't conclude that what I hear is God's voice. I just know that God will not lead me into something that I cannot handle.


OluwaDee said...

"The Spirit of God works in us both to will and to obey."

Thats my answer.
I commit my ways, plans, desires, & thoughts, into the lords hands and then I run with them.

if it works fine it is the will of God, if it doesnt, fine it is the will of God, For ALL THINGS work together for my good, cos I Love him.

Same applies 4 a wife/hubby.

Though in this case you may question God during hard times, but his promises get me thru each time.

AlooFar said...

Nice questions.

@ disgodkidd: Congrats o!

Adejoh Momoh said...

You do not choose and have God approve. It's only through prayer you hear his voice... If you have a situation and want to know if its God influencing your decisions.... Pray.

Rita said...

Every one has this relationship with God because we are born out of him and if we really want to listen, we'll hear his voice

The voice of God is
1. The voice of His Word
2. Resonates with our inner witness
3. Confirmed by yet another source (dreams, a message, prayer partner, men of God)

Does God choose partner's for us? I am of the school of thought that God does not make choices for us, not after giving us the gift of freewill.

When we walk in line with His will, we will find ourselves in the place (or person) he wants us to be. For example it's a sunday. I have the choice to go see a friend in the hospital vs go watch a movie. I struggle with this gentle voice saying I should visit my friend. Eventually I go, not knowing the doctor would one day become my future husband.

Ultimately, the voice of God bring peace...

Jinta said...

you will know. if you have to second-guess, then i say dont do it

Izabella Lucas said...

Oh Kemi,

You need to call me! Your post just caused a FLOOD of thoughts in my head. Seriously, look at my life (you were there) and you should see the answers. I do believe that God has one person for you; he makes them especially for you, just like he made Eve for (from) Adam. Also, in regards of knowing when it’s meant to be, or if he is the one. This is when I say look at my life. I initially thought that the one was someone else and I spent YEARS trying with all my might to make it work... did it? NO, God even arranged a bad car accident when he was driving and I didn't have insurance to make it clear that "this is not going to work."
Now, when I met the one that was it was meant to work with, the effort from my part was minimal, you know why? Because the feeling was mutual! He loved me and I loved him. Even if small arguments happened here and there, it was never the painful "You are killing me, why don't you love me?" torturous merry-go-round from the previous relationship.
The Holy Spirit living inside of you truly talks to you, and instead of always questioning yourself, just tune in to Him... If nothing yells at you "DON'T DO IT!" I would say He is at peace with your relationship and you got permission to proceed, sistah!
Now, when is this wedding taking place? You better invite me!

Daydah said...

You know its God when everytime u veer away from the path he chose fo u something happens to drag u right back.
You know he's God's choice when, even though you don't like him much, he has the perseverance to stay. He patiently lets you use him, he tries to be a better person and does not hesitate to give u a helping hand to get to where u r going.
You know he's ur mama's choice if he is 'just perfect for you' by her standards.
You know its God's chosen career for you when, after all your study, you still end up there (you know my story kafo).
The statement "God told me" is not valid if you do not cultivate an open channel back and forth with God.