The right dosage for my mind and random thoughts on PAIN

Sad, I miss blogging but school is kicking my behind so much, that putting my thoughts down in a coherent fashion requires a certain level of peace that requires two spoonfuls of patience to dwell a lil’ longer in reality which only proves disastrous unless I have a six pack of Hope and belief that dreams can become reality. I must pause at this point and state that this is only possible if I have the correct dosage of contentment cuz too much makes mii lazy thereby killing creativity and too little depletes my faith tank which is idling at Empty. But as I was saying without the correct amount of contentment happiness is impossible and my dreams become a lesson in torture. Basically what I am trying to say is that life is easy but living dreams is hard.

So what is on my mind
I’m working on this HIV piece, another is this huge mission/ministry project which is titled 5 not the 1, and Salty Fortress v 2.0 and the Death of Hope, oh and of course there is this woe of a logical person but it’s still to fresh and hurts to think about it much less write it out. In my head they are hot but as I said before I lack the contentment, faith, hope, patience and peace to drop them. But trust they are hot. God is good but yeah I’ll stop rambling and try and make some Sabbath sense for this beautiful weekend.

[Pain] removes the veil; it plants the flag of truth within the fortress of a rebel soul.
C.S. Lewis

Scars that bind
Tears that fasten mii to u
Our pain unites us
So be true to this emotion
live without shame your wounds
Carry your head high as the tears flow.
Let the tears fall and express your pain
without reservation, without regret
because the more we share our pain
the closer we become.
Pain shared is real, true, pure
I can’t fake pain, so why do I try to hide the most true part of who I am?
Why are we so ashamed of that which makes us most human?
Why do we hide our tears and fears and put on a mask that is not us?
Void of pretense pain exists to connect us, it exists to remind us, it exists to unite us.

So live your pain
Live it out loud
Let the tears fall
No shame.


Remi, United Kingdom said...

Deeeeeep! Sometimes pain is the refinement we need to help us come out as gold when the season or process of pain is over. I like...

God give u strength for school and all - sometimes, life just isn't easy.
Have a great weekend.
Much love

Jaycee said...

I kind of understand right now how being busy can cut out your creativity, but the thing is you cannot give in to a destruction of your creativity.

I know what rocks my boat and my passion...i.e. writing. So thing is, if it makes me happy then I'll dedicate some time, say twice a week to doing just that :). Oh, I enjoy reading notes too, so I gotta dedicate an hour each day for blog updates.

poeticallytinted said...

Yes yes Kafo! this is so true:
"Why are we so ashamed of that which makes us most human?"
Insightfully written. Bottled pain ends up an ugly hue over the future.

Debbie said...
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Debbie said...

I love your opening... "a certain level of peace that requires two spoonfuls of patience.

Why do we hide our pain? One reason springs to mind, we are afriad of being judge plus we don't want to let our hair down.
But pain released brings relief.

feather said...

we are afraid because it reveals who we really are and more often than not we'd rather people thought we were strong.nice piece

Rita said...

"Why are we so ashamed of that which makes us most human" This is a very comforting and healing statement...

God's strength as you accomplish your long to-do list...

StandTall-The Activist said...

I so much love the way this is expressed. Pain is real, it's part of our existence. We need to deal with it, no shame!

Good luck with everything

Reverence said...

This is really awesome. i just started working on this a last year.

didnt tehy say acknowledgement is half of the healing process?

i still cant believe you saw isreal live and front row tix for free? seriously hating mayne!!

Olamild said...

**snaps her fingerz**