Dear Human Part 2

Dear Human,

I love you. I love you not the you that you hope to become but you that is why I bled for you while you were still lying conniving, stealing and denying my very existence.

I heard it the first time you said it

No my child I don't think you understand.
I love you now, I love you still
The day you betrayed your spouse, snuck back into the house like a lil’ mouse clutching your blouse
The day you lied in order to get by and thought that you were so sly
The day you lied in order to be accepted by those who are so easily tempted
The day you lied and deserted the family I gave you to nourish and cherish
I loved you then, I love you still.

The day you broke that vow and treated your children like burdens
The day you subjected your brother to the derision of your friends in order to fit in
The day you killed love and threw away grace by the words that fell from your lips
The day you mistreated your body by sleeping around
The day you treated your body so cheaply by dressing it down
The day you treated your body that I created in My image so cheaply by snuffing, snorting, smoking, injecting, eating junk, drinking filth

The day you denied my existence…

Each day you persist to resist my existence you engage in an unholy tryst and assist the one who hates that you exist and would rather put you on hell’s eternal list than insist you listen to the Baptist and realize that you have been missed by the one who loves you.


Embrace it.
Embrace my love for you.
But I messed up.
I know, I loved you then,
I love you know, I love you still
Accept that I love you.
I’m serious I really do so please hold your head up high
Smile, live, breathe, share my love with those around u. share it n' live it
Take comfort in it

The life u led I forgave with the strips when I bled so that you wouldn’t live with pain and regret.
So deal with the consequences and let go of the shame and aim to reclaim your position to proclaim my Father’s name.

Shame comes from my enemy and grows into despair, that’s the product of your affair so you better beware ‘cuz he chooses to ensnare those who forget my love and dwell in the shame of their actions

He fastens himself with your secrets and fattens your despair with his lies and thereby frightens hope out of your lives. The longer you allow him to lie to you he lies in you and builds a home in your heart convincing you, deceiving you, blinding you to my love.

So free yourself
Free yourself from the degradation of your shame by confessing
Free yourself from the cycle of impurity, stop rationalizing
Free yourself from the sin that binds by surrendering
Free yourself from the shackles of despair by sharing
Free yourself from the prison of guilt by repenting
Free yourself
Free your mind
Free your soul
Cuz , I love you
Accept it, and each time the clouds of doubt come and they will because until I return for you the struggle continues
Return to me and remember that you were fearfully and wonderfully made in my image; in the image of my father you were created.

You do know that the hairs on your head are numbered not counted so each time you decided to dye hair strand number 45698 I know, each time you decide to trim the edges of the hair strands number 3244, 3245,3246 and 3247 I know, each eye lash is placed on your eyelid at a particular angle in order to shield your eyes from harmful objects. Each bone in your body is crafted for a purpose, each talent is given for a unique mission that only you can accomplish.
So I hope you get it.
I hope you understand that
Nothing can ever separate you from my love
Nothing can ever separate you from this love
Nothing living or dead
Nothing on the earth that I created with words from Our Lips
Nothing that man created with the power that I gave him, not even warships
Nothing in heaven which serves as the place where we will all coexist
Nothing that the devil might try to use to persist to enlist
Demons, nothing on their destructive checklist

Nothing legal or illegal
Nothing noble or ignoble
Nothing legible or illegible
Nothing mortal or immortal
Nothing flexible or inflexible
Nothing tangible or intangible
Nothing credible or incredible
Nothing possible or impossible
Nothing tractable or intractable
Nothing probable or improbable
Nothing material or immaterial
Nothing bendable or unbendable
Nothing thinkable or unthinkable
Nothing corruptible or incorruptible
Nothing describable or indescribable
Nothing containable or uncontainable
Nothing respectable or unrespectable
Nothing manageable or unmanageable
Nothing controllable or uncontrollable
Nothing surmountable or insurmountable

Lovingly Yours


disgodkidd said...

thank you.

Naijalines said...

'Tis profound.

Robyn said... teary
thank you.

Writefreak said...

This is what you call unconditional love! Yes, Jesus love me!
Great piece!

Enkay said...

This is so, so deep. You just have a way with words.

Thanks for this!

Debbie said...

Wow! wow! Wow! what can I say.
The father's love for us is sum up in all that you've written. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can seprate us from this love.
Thanks for this indept look at God's love.

Saved Girl said...

this is one of the most beautiful things i read, thanks for sharing.

disgodkidd said...

thank you again.

Vera Ezimora said...


Kafo said...

@ all: God is love and i choose to believe the gift given thru his Son, some days it is hard and he reminds mii with this.

doug said...

I often find it very hard to post comments to pieces like these.

All I can say is...

thank you...

thefriend said...

permission to print & frame?

read again for the first time, and now you've got me crying. :)

Kafo said...

@ thefriend: of course

simeone said...

wow..luvli..luvli more sweetly can it be spelt out..//?
bless you

feather said...


Adejoh Momoh said...

Thanks for your comment on my post. Read this, it really is passionate. Your way with words is amazing.

Poetic Justice said...

As always your blogs are deep. thank you for that sis!

Naija Bloggers Awards 2009 said...

Hey, come check this out

Rita said...

I take with me the truth and the comfort that nothing can separate me from His love

rethots said...


The human mind is so profound, when we wrong, we know; 'tis not difficult to wrong but, most difficult is accepting grace. Why?

When our wrongs are seemingly 'large' we simply don't believe grace can be so free and easy; we try to work for it. We just can't, we need a conscious effort to accept it as not only free but also, that we can't work for it.

Teri said...

hi. I like this entry.

KJB said...

Woo hoo...Nothing is beautiful :)!


Daydah said...

truth - unadulterated, pure, profound truth....thank you for letting Him use you....