Woes of a Logical Person VIII:- Make It Last

1 session of steamy hot sex
nah, too much regret, the guilt won't fit in my hand luggage
and having no experience and increasing my chances of triplets by 99%
not a good idea
30 hugs
15 kisses
5 snuggle sessions
no that won’t work it lacks depth and won’t get mii thru Sunday
37 hugs
18 kisses
5 snuggle sessions
2 back seat encounters
1 tango
hmmm, not exactly kosher so that won’t work either
what if we downgrade the car encounters to 3 10-minute make out sessions
and increase the hugs and snuggle sessions
here we go
50 hugs
18 kisses
6 snuggle sessions
3 10-minute make out sessions and
1 tango
danger is lurking behind the 10 minute sessions which might escalate to DHing
which would leave us with 30 lb guilt bags each so ....
Okay I get it,
60 hugs
22 kisses
9 snuggle sessions
1 candle light dinner followed by
3 slow dances to our fave playlist
I’m too lazy to cook and too cold to go out for dinner

Final Attempt
65 hugs
24 kisses
12 snuggle sessions
3 slow dances to our fave playlist
1 2-hour trip down memory lane
Maybe so?

I dunno

stay awhile, lets drift awhile
to our unsung melody
make it last
hold mii a lil’ bit longer
touch mii a lil’ bit softer
make it last
‘cuz I need us to last

so yeah this is to everyone who has ever had to part in one of those how-in-the-world-did-we-think-it-would-work long distance relationships. I'm down to 20 hours and not sure how to make enough memories to tide mii over till May.


Temite said...

Oh darling. I am in the same situation. But I am a bit confused. Are you broken up or a you in the relationship still. I think its one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Temite said...

Goodluck either way. XOXO

Chari said...

Oh shit...why did I read this?a arghhh!!!! I only just started mehn!!!

Vera Ezimora said...

Well, I'm single.

...Been single for a minute.

...Don't relate.


I don't have a memory lane to take a trip down to

Remi, United Kingdom said...

That must be hard meeeen... down to 20 hours.. reads kinda sweet, and kinda sad and kinda with longing, but kinda lonely... sigh..
Been single for a loooooooong while (father I beg you where is my Adam oh?? - I digress ..lol)... so, I can only but imagine... :-)

Hope you're good.. x

NoLimit said...

Awww...dear gal...you'll be fine...

thefriend said...

memories are overrated

Kafo said...

@ Temite: no we are together i'm just getting on a plan to go back to school

@ Chari: sowwy i hate to burst your bubble, this is the point were i say it gets easier but that's a lie

@ Vera Ezimora: i sometimes ask myself if i could erase my memory if i would do it but then ...

@ Remi: i'm good

@ NoLimit: thanks

@ thefriend: OUCH is today a bad day

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Long distance never worked for me...so I have no words of encouragement/advice unfortunately...

disgodkidd said...

hmm, relationship? am still recovering...

yesterday she said to me: you don't even notice me anymore.

and i thought as the pain seared through my heart: because you left me and i'm still trying to stop loving you.

Olamild said...


"stay awhile, lets drift awhile
to our unsung melody
make it last
hold mii a lil’ bit longer
touch mii a lil’ bit softer
make it last
‘cuz I need us to last"

THat was for me o
Long distance ain't easy but you will get through dear.
Just ensure that the communication is constant

Lol, you are always loving my playlist

That was Jeremiah Gyang Featuring Asa. Some call the song "comforter's song" others call it higher.

simeone said...

interesting..and i feel you..

Neers said...

very interesting and i can see the intensity behind the plain-speak... kafs, this is great and the new look has celtic feel

Ms.O said...

I so totally understand what you are feeling.. I was in a LDR for over a year and boy was it hard. I find its "easier" when you just stay talking to each other..all the time. Just keep your head up babe.. it would be worth it in the long run!

eizzy.k said...

wow...i'm about to embark on one of those "how-in-the-world-did-we-think-it-would-work long distance relationships" too.

hope u'll b able to hang in there...me? I think i will just let go, cuz i dunno how long i will be able to hold on...

Kafo said...

@ eizzy.k: don't quit cuz it's hard quit cuz u r no longer into him. we have this whole remaining faithful is remaining honest so the moment i start loving him less and loving another he is the first to know but i'm in it until then

@ Ms. O: i hope you are right

@ Neers: i was trying to go for mysterious and celtic is def. that so thanks

@ Olamild: what can i say u have good taste

@ simeone: thanks

@ disgodkidd: take it one day at a time

@ NigerianDramaQueen: hmmmm i think there is the whole personality factor that can either make a LDR barely or intolerably

Prettylyf said...

stay awhile, lets drift awhile
to our unsung melody
make it last
hold mii a lil’ bit longer
touch mii a lil’ bit softer
make it last
‘cuz I need us to last

Kafo, this (above) is beautiful!!!