105 and counting

wow, it's been a month.
This hiatus wasn't planned, final projects and exams preoccupied my thoughts for the first too weeks and then I couldn't blog cuz i was coming home and i knew that if my CSO read my blog he would find out and then i lingered.

It all began when Jaycee sent mii a link to the whole I BELIEVE IN GOD thingy for December 1st i think it was and i went blank, i saw the comment, lingered and still haven't gotten around to putting my thoughts on paper.

Today my iGoogle page let's mii know that Verastically Livin' has posted my 105th unread blogpost and still I linger. Mercy, i'm lazy. Rethot's left a comment yesterday that made mii realize I'd been gone for a while, still I linger. This month was supposed to be the blogOUT month where i just lay it out on a regular basis cuz of the free time but for some reason each time i logged on i just couldn't put the words down.

Why do i linger
cuz my beautiful unspoken blog has become da spoken, i say what i speak not what i think.
so this is a return to my mind. now a couple of reasons or excuses come to mind but none hold water so i'll skip them all and just be real from here on out and if u know mii personally this might be the best time to unsubscribe so u don't hurt yourself mentally trying to understand it all.

I have 105 posts that y'all have posted in the last month that I will try and get to before i put down anything concrete. Okay maybe I shouldn't make that promise and instead say that tomorrow I will start reading them and yeah ..., we'll take it one day at a time.

I'm alive and well
Left the sunny land of Houston and came home about 2 weeks ago to Indy and have been hibernating every since.

Okay let mii go and start reading to see what y'all have been up to.