Woes of a Logical Person VII:- Understanding

I understand
Don't say that
I do, I understand.
I don't blame you.
Don't understand.

Don't concede.
Don't rationalize my anticipated defection or justify my fears
Don’t give mii a litany of practical reasons to butter up my excuses
Don’t postulate.
Don’t play the reflective card to deflect your emotions
Don’t sing the psychobabble refrain of noble restraint
Don’t do that.

Cuz every time you do
Every time you throw Reality
I bat Hesitation and move on to another base of Uncertainty.
We are one homerun away from Separation, can’t you see it.

Cuz with your Understanding come my Complacency
Which strips Aspirations of her drive and
gives Apathy the rights to compose a beautiful lullaby
of faux Contentment that serenades our love to sleep.


crys said...

logical vs understanding, hmm... still thinking about this one. about being silent and hearing Him speak, it's about time i stopped whining and did just that. inspiring writing, thanx 4 giving in to God.

simeone said...

wow...u dis lady/babe/ woman....what planet are you from...?
i'm feeling this to my bone marrow...

Kafo said...

@ crys: i have a love and hate relationship with logic this is just another part of our convoluted relationship

@ simeone: PLUTO, oh wait that is not a planet anymore.

AlooFar said...

Yeah, this is so true. And funny too.

Daydah said...

Feeling u deeply on this one...got goosebumps all over my arms as it sinks in...
I love ur writing style - u have evolved into a writer as effective as Obama's oratory power...
and i am glad u r using it for God

Princess said...

Hmmm.Interesting way of looking at it.

Vera Ezimora said...

Creativity is a beaurriful thing!! Me likes.

Robyn said...

the flow is just amazing,,,,and i thought i was apoet.

Kafo said...

@ aloofar: funny hmmmm ???explain

@ daydah: one day at a time

@ princess: lets just say this is one of the days when i am NOT feeling my rational side

@ robyn: u are

@ vera E: thanks

Abujamaiden said...

Big grammer. Lol!

I wish I could tell the difference between both. Any lay man's definition?