Ode to Four Walls

right now
with all this
drama going
around mii all i
want is you. I don't
care if you come decked
out in finery or laden with
gifts. I want you, I have never
been able to have you all to myself
and right now you are all I can think
about I have never felt the warmth of
your sweet embrace, I have never known
what it feels like to be known by you and know
you intimately, to run my hands across the dips
and fall of your fine form, to stand before you, bare
as the day I was born, unashamed. Unabashed and not
bound by the rules that constrain my love for you. I don't
know what it is to fully surrender and become lost in you. I
want that. Right, now with all this noise and misplaced emotions
and transference and expectations, i just want to be with you, in you,
totally, just us, no noise no barriers, just you, naked to mii as I am to you.
I want to sleep, feel, eat drink, dance, smile, watch, smell, experience all of you.

You are Four Walls
and I want you for mii.

this only makes sense if you have spent the last 8 years of your adult life surrounded by people
this only makes sense if you have been forced by circumstance to compromise and live, and smell people.
this only makes sense if you crave space that belongs totally to you, and only one and not the uncle or aunt or sister or friend or .....

this only makes sense if yeah you have wanted Four Walls
so yeah i'm going to bed hoping right now, livid, but blessed cuz at least I can fake my affair with Four Walls when everyone is gone.
Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow I will be so lucky to live for a couple of hours that dream.


disgodkidd said...

i have spent 27 years of my life alone, but i still enjoy my Four Walls, so it makes sense to me.

Four Walls.
or One People.

But sometimes, life insists on robbing me.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

ok madam...
soon and very soon.. you'll get what you want... just keep working at it... do what you have to do now so you can do whatever you want to do later.. including having your own four walls to yourself... after that i want you to do a follow up on the experience... :-)

naijalines said...

This has a poignancy to it. Quite touching and the realism hits home too.

Jaycee said...

All my life, I have never had the confines of four walls just to myself. I absolutely loved it. For me, God is my four walls...I wanna be more and more intimate with Him every single day...


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I do want four wall, but filled with loved ones, trust me, it wares off after like a week..lol.. you can come and visit me her and we can get lost in the mountains together, that way, you have open space four wall, and company that wount talk...lol..

Kafo said...

@ disgodkidd: kindred spirit

@ Diamond: hmmm i like that line "do what you have to do now so you can do whatever you want to do later" about a follow up, i am very sure that my affair with him will be shortlived and i will get tired of it but at least we will know we danced that tango right. :)

@ naijalines: the first draft was full of hate and venom and all alot of not so nice things and then somewhere between educating my cousin on the slope intercept form vs. the point slope form this one took shape. thanks

@ Jaycee: hmmm wish i could echo the sentiment but there is something about the silence that calms my spirit and helps mii draw closer to him. I guess the question is how do you do it in the chaos?

@ The life of a stranger: i am definately considering the offer. :). have a nice weekend

Allied said...

You will get ur fall walls, but i hope you also pray for it to be filled with laughter.

I have my four walls, but alone, it is just four walls.

simeone said...

you are so gracious...

Remi, United Kingdom said...

I like... focus on the peace and calm within...

again... I like your way with words... the way you expres... feelings... emotions... sigh..

Have an awesome weekend.

Robyn said...

The better Poet,,,How are you?Good post here.

crys said...


Debbie said...

This gave me cold chills in a nice way! Very deep.

I want you, nake before you, bare as the day I was born.
I Like it.

Daydah said...

Once (at the beginning, when this blog started), I made the mistake of reading the end of a post before the beginning, and i missed the point. i have learnt my lesson - for me to be able to grasp what The Great Poet is saying, I have to begin at the start, and read sloooowwwly...
This particular post caught me unawares...again.....I took time to absorb it and swallow it.

Trust me, when you get your Four Walls, you will wish you were not alone in it. You wont long to be alone in your four walls after you have carried a babe in u for nine months either - being totally alone after that wont really be as appealing as it is now.

But I know that you will get your four walls....very soon. Let's hear what you think about it, after your tango....

Babe its about time you published o!