Sabbath Series: 14- Worship

Today i went to worship
I go to church every Sabbath
but today I went to worship and was blessed

so the question I ask is
do you go to church or
do you go to worship?
is there a difference??

Have at it...

Lyrically Live: 2 I'd Rather Have Jesus

What are you looking for?
What kept you up last night?
Today what did you spend your time chasing?
What did you pray for and cry for and whine for and wish for?

I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold;
I’d rather be His than have riches untold;
I’d rather have Jesus than houses or lands,
I’d rather be led by His nail pierced hand.

Today, I'd rather be a citizen and not have to worry
Today, I'd rather be a genius and not have to study
Today, I'd rather have money and not have to cry
Today, I'd rather have connections that money can't buy

I’d rather have Jesus than men’s applause;
I’d rather be faithful to His dear cause;
I’d rather have Jesus than world-wide fame,
I’d rather be true to His holy name.

Tears speak when my mouth gets weak and so here I sit listening to them
Tears reveal what I try to hide:- the fear that envelopes my mind
the shallowness of my heart, my wants, my dreams, my pride
Tears speak when my mouth gets weak and I try not to hide

Than to be a king of a vast domain
Or be held in sin’s dread sway,
I’d rather have Jesus than anything
This world affords today.

What words do your tears speak?
What causes you to weep?

Ode to Four Walls

right now
with all this
drama going
around mii all i
want is you. I don't
care if you come decked
out in finery or laden with
gifts. I want you, I have never
been able to have you all to myself
and right now you are all I can think
about I have never felt the warmth of
your sweet embrace, I have never known
what it feels like to be known by you and know
you intimately, to run my hands across the dips
and fall of your fine form, to stand before you, bare
as the day I was born, unashamed. Unabashed and not
bound by the rules that constrain my love for you. I don't
know what it is to fully surrender and become lost in you. I
want that. Right, now with all this noise and misplaced emotions
and transference and expectations, i just want to be with you, in you,
totally, just us, no noise no barriers, just you, naked to mii as I am to you.
I want to sleep, feel, eat drink, dance, smile, watch, smell, experience all of you.

You are Four Walls
and I want you for mii.

this only makes sense if you have spent the last 8 years of your adult life surrounded by people
this only makes sense if you have been forced by circumstance to compromise and live, and smell people.
this only makes sense if you crave space that belongs totally to you, and only one and not the uncle or aunt or sister or friend or .....

this only makes sense if yeah you have wanted Four Walls
so yeah i'm going to bed hoping right now, livid, but blessed cuz at least I can fake my affair with Four Walls when everyone is gone.
Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow I will be so lucky to live for a couple of hours that dream.


I have never been to a poetry slam
I have never read my poetry in public
I have never competed in a poetry thingy
I have never seen spoken word performed live
I have never gotten a 10 talk less of 2 10s as a poet
I have never qualified for regionals in any competition
I have never been to anything remotely related to poetry

but today I did all the above

so yeah

Glory be to God

It was an experience and I have to add a witness. I really was not going to go at around 6 I still had and still HAVE a tone of work to do but then my friend who found out about it before I could think of a way to not tell her was going to show up just for mii and then I was like I will go but not say anything but the moment I got there I signed up before I lost the nerve. Oh and of course CSO pulled a reverse psychology thingy that I didn't notice.

I was surrounded by poets talking about Obama, politics, sex, drugs, the N word and politics, sex and Obama and politics and sex and I got up there and presented Dear Human.
So yeah regionals is in Corpus Christi and there is this Poetic Vision thingy next week I have been invited to so yeah keep mii in your prayers.

Woes of a Logical Person VII:- Understanding

I understand
Don't say that
I do, I understand.
I don't blame you.
Don't understand.

Don't concede.
Don't rationalize my anticipated defection or justify my fears
Don’t give mii a litany of practical reasons to butter up my excuses
Don’t postulate.
Don’t play the reflective card to deflect your emotions
Don’t sing the psychobabble refrain of noble restraint
Don’t do that.

Cuz every time you do
Every time you throw Reality
I bat Hesitation and move on to another base of Uncertainty.
We are one homerun away from Separation, can’t you see it.

Cuz with your Understanding come my Complacency
Which strips Aspirations of her drive and
gives Apathy the rights to compose a beautiful lullaby
of faux Contentment that serenades our love to sleep.

Lyrically Live: 1 Word of God Speak

I said nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
For over an hour I just
held the phone and listened
and for some odd reason it was
cool. I had nothing to say and I wasn't
concerned with forming a response or trying
to make an impression. I just listened. I think it
has to do with the fact that for the first time in a long
time the most important thing was hearing what He had to say.

I'm finding myself at a
loss for words and
the funny thing
is it's okay

when was the last time that you were speechlessly happy?
when was the last time that listening was the major objective?
when was the last time that your requests were not #1 priority?
when was the last time your prayer wasn't bound by human vocal chords?
when was the last time you lingered a bit longer in silence waiting for just one word?
when was it?

as October gives way to November
linger in silence
be still
shut up
and know
that He IS.

New series Lyrically Live or Lyrically Thinking are posts on Songs that Resonate and Word of God Speak performed originally by MercyMe is the first installment in it and it showcases songs I sing but rarely live.

oh and don't mind the color scheme i am just messing around nothing deep to it