Yesterday, Today and maybe Tomorrow

i went to a concert yesterday
Donald Lawrence reminded mii that I have an inheritance
Hezekiah Walker told mii that God was Faithful
Marvin Sapp said I never would have made it without Christ

I was on a high
came home helped my cousin with homework
made today's lunch and took a shower,
crawled into bed

got up at 7
took another shower
picked up my phone, talked to my CSO
decided to drop my other cousin off at school before leaving myself

prayed for myself and my wonderful bourgie man (CSO)
kicked him off my phone
drove another 30 minutes
hit a kid

no, hit a kid's car
gave him my insurance info
called my uncle, CSO, sister, friend
got to campus

went to class
my uncle called, i picked up my phone and got grief from him
called the kid, told him not to call the insurance
he said he already had

went back to class
listened to nothing but everything
got out of class
stared at my computer for 4 hours trying not to cry and succeeded

went to my car
heard a funny sound
called my CSO and cried
he prayed, i didn't want to

railed at God for not protecting mii
railed at my CSO for not picking up his phone earlier
kicked him off my phone
tried to do my homework and study

called the kid and made arrangments
to give him 750 bucks which i don't have
cell phone died
started studying

came to my blog
heard my playlist "Praise is what I do"
felt like a wagon of horse manure
asked for forgiveness

one hour later
i remember
can't study and can't focus
tired of crying so i type.

now I have one more hour to fake study for my test
then I will get in my car, call CSO and apologize
drop off books at library
go home, listen to my uncle talk

make tomorrow's lunch
take a shower
crawl into bed
will i wake up?


Sting said...

Tomorrow will be a better day.

thefriend said...

take back what the devil stole from you...

Remi, United Kingdom said...

The fact that you wrote this post, you are already an overcomer...

His grace is sufficient to forgive and for you to start again...

Much love

Jaycee said...

The part that touched me was when u came to your blog and heard "Praise is what I do...even when I'm going THROUGH..."

That song...

Yesterday, Today, and maybe just never know. But God knows, and He protects and there's always JOY when we wake up in the morning.

Sorry for the grief darling...

Remember "Slower Traffic to the right" sometimes...

KM said...

Hey sweetheart. Take time with yourself.


Kafo said...

thank you all so much

today is proving better so far
please pray that i pass my test tomorrow oooooooooooooooo

@ Jaycee: i woke up didn't want to get out of bed and then started reading book two An Echo in the Darkness and was like okay what is your problem Hadassah went thru more so chin up

Daydah said...

Its alright...and I want you to keep on reflecting on God - He has a purpose for everything. It might all seem so complicated, especially since all the 'God, why?'s are plenty, but it will all be clear soon.
Trust me.
Above all trust God.
much love,
Today your test will be fantastic in Jesus name, Amen.

Afronuts said...

You'll wake up.

Because He knows how you feel. He feels what u feel and He'll definitely give u beauty for your ashes.

what really wanted to make u cry? the fact that u hit the kids car or that u were kinda cranky at CSO?

KJB said...

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...God promised to be there and provide for all of them. Glad u survived such a challenging day...take it ez :).


Lady A said...

LOL, you live again to fight the good fight of faith. *Smile* For you are loved,(wink)

rethots said...

Hmmmm, our hope is His continual presence.

How fare thee?

Mak said...