Sabbath Series:12 - Slower Traffic to the Right

Have you ever be tempted to take what God promised to give you before His time?

Please I live this state,
I am constantly reminding God that my mental, biological, financial and spiritual clocks are ticking.

Why, is my life stuck in the slow lane when everyone else is speeding down the interstate.
This person is graduating,
that person is buying a house,
she is married,
he is now a father,
he proposed in Vegas
he has dental insurance,
she just got a new car.

It's mine, right?
What God has for me it is for mii.
So it's mine.
God already promised mii, you remember
He said I will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies
I'm not making this up, He said that He will give mii perfect peace in the book of John.
The righteous are not supposed to be forsaken, right?
Thru the Prophet Jeremiah, he said that the plans He has for mii are good, to bring mii to an expected end.
What God has for me it is for mii, right?

So help God help you
He has already promised to bless you and enlarge your territory.
So taking it now, it's okay, it's yours.
I mean on earth we are bound by time but Heaven isn't and we are His children
So claim it,
Name it
and then go and get it.

God is taking too long
Come on
It's already yours.
A lil' compromise doesn't hurt.
Abramham cut a few corners and everything worked out for him.

Ever had these thoughts
I am queen of this castle.
For real. No one spends more time trying to figure out a way out of this to get what God has promised mii, I am His child. Everybody compromises, mercy I'm in Houston, you can either go the marriage or fake resume route, everybody does it, it is only a small white lie, right?????
I deserve His blessings

If you have EVER entertained these thoughts.
Check this out
1. click on the website below
2. Go down to the month of may
3. Click on the Icon right next to the May 3rd sermon "Slower Traffic to the Right"
4. It opens up in Windows Media Player fast forward to minute 50 and start there
5. listen to the first 10 minutes: start at minute 50 and go to like 1hr 05min and if you do not feel compelled to continue

come back and curse mii out.

have a blessed weekend.


Jaycee said...

LOLLLL...I have a strong feeling that the site you suggested for people who have harbored these feelings says "Wait for the right timing." (Ecclesiastes 3)

I've harbored these feelings...can't deny!

Jaycee said...

I'm listening...first the praise had me trapped.

"Here is the day of which the Lord said to you, I will give your enemies into your hands." Yet, David did not permit his men to attack Saul. David WAITED. He was anointed, but he couldn't attack. Oh, Lord! Thanks for speaking to me...

Thanks Kafo...I was def compelled to continue...

Jaycee said...

This message was meant for me, you probably don't even understand...

Still listening...

Kafo said...

amen ooooooooooooo when i listened on thursday i was in a daze
i have to watch it again

simeone said...

i didnt get to hear it thanks to my service provider...
i just wanted you to know that even from what you wrote, some light has been shed on dealing with issues i should know how to deal with normally( we forget how to handle issues sometimes ,when the pressure is much)...pls do you understand..i wish you wld..
thanks for thing i know that God never comes 1 second late neither does he show up 1 second now be patient and in-tune with God's spirit is our Lord..i know u heard that..and i recieve your this my blog or kemi's.? peace n luv

laspapi said...

Song on your blog kept playing and those around me (just sitting around after a performance) turned it into a praise jam.

Well done, Kafo...

poeticallytinted said...

How true, I like to "GO AND GET IT part..."

Lost at The End said...

Hey Jaycee,

Thanks for stopping at my blog. Love what you're doing here. You ask interesting questions about God and spirituality. cool stuff!

OluwaDee said...

Soooooooooooo true.

Lots of times I want what god promised me NOW.
Not later not tomorrow.

But paties is a virture.
They that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength.

Kafo said...

@ simeone: go on and witness jare, i don't care whose blog it is. wait oops i do. lol

@ laspapi: God is good

@ lost at the end: r u lost, this is kafo not jaycee's blog LOL

@ oluwadee: welcome to my club oooooo, patience is the ever elusive virtue