Lyrically Live: 1 Word of God Speak

I said nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
For over an hour I just
held the phone and listened
and for some odd reason it was
cool. I had nothing to say and I wasn't
concerned with forming a response or trying
to make an impression. I just listened. I think it
has to do with the fact that for the first time in a long
time the most important thing was hearing what He had to say.

I'm finding myself at a
loss for words and
the funny thing
is it's okay

when was the last time that you were speechlessly happy?
when was the last time that listening was the major objective?
when was the last time that your requests were not #1 priority?
when was the last time your prayer wasn't bound by human vocal chords?
when was the last time you lingered a bit longer in silence waiting for just one word?
when was it?

as October gives way to November
linger in silence
be still
shut up
and know
that He IS.

New series Lyrically Live or Lyrically Thinking are posts on Songs that Resonate and Word of God Speak performed originally by MercyMe is the first installment in it and it showcases songs I sing but rarely live.

oh and don't mind the color scheme i am just messing around nothing deep to it


simeone said...

my o blow me away...

DiAmOnD hawk said...

ok... i was wondering about the color... it's cool :-)...

be still and know that I'm God... I did a mini research on those words last week or so... and the translation of being "still"... is being "weak"... leaving everything to God...

it's a continuous learning process with me...

hope you're good

KM said...

hey sweetheart. you may be near where i was this may. it is a good place to be if you can stand the quiet — and the power of the words that will follow that quiet.
consider giving the musicians a break too. they mean well, but they are not Him. i know you know.
and i believe all will be well. He is God, and He speaks, sometimes without words. prepare yourself for that. i'll pray for your courage.

bless you...

Jaycee said...

I loved it when you said, "be still
shut up
and know
that He IS."

That's exactly what I plan to do ojare. Everything else is additional stress! Lol. Love ur writings babes! *wink*

Tales said...

I didn't go to church today... this is mind blowing.a good way for me to start the month. Thank you, thank you... i am still meditatin over the words

aloted said...

wow..this was nice to read..
and am feeling the colour scheme

happy new month to u

Remi, United Kingdom said...

This is awesome... awesome...
I love the way you write.. by the way.. I love your blog - you have been nominated, check my blog.

Have an awesome. xxx
Much love

Kafo said...

@ simeone: sheepish grin thanks

@ diamond hawk: i was just bored and started experimenting, school is stress but God is in control, thanks for bringing back the Thankfulness series

@ jaycee: if only u knew how many times i wish someone whould just tell mii to shut up and listen to Him.

@ tales: u missed church i am telling God on u ooooooooooo just kidding, thanks for stopping by

@ aloted: thanks

@ remi: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks

Daydah said...

Some people only shut their mouths, but start letting their minds go wondering. We need to also quieten our minds, and erase it of all other thoughts, and focus on Him.
I find that most times it gives me the sort of peace I cannot find anywhere else - being still and closing my mind to everything except the Most High....
nice one, babes!

Kafo said...

@ Daydah: okay so u have left 5 comemnts in one day what up send mii an email

Rita said...

The colour stuff is so beautiful. I thot there was something to it :-)

Correct message for me.