Every 3 seconds

Every three seconds...

Today they will starve and I will do nothing
They will starve in a world where food is thrown away and pets are fed 3 times a day

Today they will need shoes and I will be blue
They will need shoes in a world where I'm blue cuz I can't afford the latest Jimmy Choo's

Today they will cry and I will not see it
They will cry for help in a world blinded by Hollywood stars in pursuit of fake memoirs

Today they will suffer and I will not lift a finger
They will suffer in a world where giant pharmaceuticals create smaller Viagra capsules

Today they will need clean water and I will go for a swim
They will need clean water to drink in a world where beaches are cleaned and kept pristine

Today they will beg and I choose not to hear it
They will beg for deliverance in a world where we pay musical chefs to make us tone deaf

Today they will be helpless and I will be tired
They will be helpless in a world where we are all tired from working to pay off what we've acquired

Today they will cold and I will be bold
They will be cold in a world where we are so bold we create see thru dresses trimmed with gold

Today they will seek a solution and I will be busy, too busy
They will seek a solution in a world where enlarging our army is our number one priority

Today they will waste away and I will be concerned about my waist
They will waste away in a world where the size of our waist brings us disgrace and so we have it replaced

Today they will die and I will do nothing8888***8888****** ***8888
8888** *********88888888Today they will die because I did nothing
They will die in a world where I live888***888***888****** **88888
88888** *********888888888They will die in a world where you live
They will die in this world.
Our world.

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Abujamaiden said...

Ist time here! Thanks for the post. I hope we (I) can realize this everyday and help in our (my) little ways! Thank God for his mercies!

Jaycee said...

Oh Lord. Can I say I love u? I guess I can...lol.

I loved it when you said "Today, they will die and I will do nothing. Today they will die because I did nothing. They will die in a world where I live. They will die in a world where you live. They will die in this world, our world."

Very powerful statement. I am simply compelled.

Poetic Justice said...

I just read in Essence Magazine about women in Niger who are getting married at the age of 13 and dying during childbirth because marriage means thier family (other brothers and sisters) will have food. They are marrying 40 year old men. Today some little girl's innocence is taken so she can provide food for her family...that is the horror of proverty.

someone once said "It would only cost me $5.00 and yet I choose a hamburger from McDonald's" something to ponder...

good post kemi!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I agree that we should do more to help those in need and those around us. not just material needs but spiritual, mental etc even jus a kind word or a hug can make a difference HOWEVER i dont believe that I should stop living coz somene else has less/is sufferring etc, this applies to the going for a swim when someone cnt afford drinking water or spending £100 on lunch when it could feed a whole village for a week. I am grateful for what i have, i use it to bless others and also to enjoy my everyday life which might mean buing those jimmy choos, that 100 pound bag etc. I think we all have a part to playin eradicating poverty but i still think i shouldnt feel guilty for enjoying my blessings or the fruits of my labour.

Lady A said...

You have been tagged with the "I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD." Cheers!!

Princess said...

Good points you raise here. :-)

Rita said...

Hmmm...learning more and more about what's really going on...

Oracle said...

As always Kafo, you hit the rigth spot.
That was deep

Robyn said...

Touching,,,thanks alot.ill be here

Lyrically speaking said...

Wow, it's nice to be back in here checking your blog and others...this post is very deep, stuff to ponder upon

Daydah said...

Its a whole big piece to swallow and digest dearie, but let's face it, there are about a thousand (or more) NGO's in Nigeria that are [supposedly] committed to eradicating poverty, but how many of them are active? And even churches have their own 'Needy' and 'Help a Child' sections. People donate thousands and millions everyday, but where is the effect? How much of that money actually gets to those children?
There are still beggars on Lagos streets, but how many of them are being helped? Our many children are in school? How many get to rise above the pverty line? How many of them turn back to help others?

There are soooo many questions that need answers! Let's just pray that the little help we render gets to the source, and at the same time, not have guilt trips in enjoying what God has blessed us with.

Kafo said...

thanks y'all

@ miss def. maybe: it isn't about feeling guilty but being consciously aware

Olufunke said...

Lovely poem
YOu are gifted o!

It breaks my heart to see the extent of suffering in some parts of the world...even around me...and I wonder........God! oh God!

I pray God helps me do my part in my own 'little' corner
thanks for the reminder

Kafo said...

@ Olufunke: my sentiments exactly, thanks for stopping by