Sabbath Series: 13 - I broke it

Last year, a friend gave mii a Rolex for my birthday. HOT. I am not one for finery and rarely wore the watch except on special occasions, on my sister's wedding day I put the watch on and decked out in my tradi looking all fly. I am not the greatest dancer in my family but let's just say i got a lil too jiggy with it and my watch fell and the glass broke. My brother-in-laws cousin works for Rolex and offered to take it to their store and have it fixed for free, I decided instead to have my tailor fix it and lets just say that there is a difference between plastic and glass

Am I sane?

Earlier this year at the beginning of the semester in January, I bought a 2008 Toyota Corolla. This car is a dream. Honestly. It is like driving on water, no sounds, no bumps, no shaking, just cruising every where. My 14 year old cousin doesn't understand the concept of boundaries and so he BORROWED my car and crashed it. Now being that I live for free in my uncles house I couldn't really crucify my cousin or sell him to buy a new car, so even tho' I had comprehensive insurance which offered to pay for all the repairs at the local Toyota dealership I decided to bypass them and instead paid my boyfriend, who is a nurse $4,000 to fix it and being that I love him sooo much I guess ths would be the wrong time to tell you that the only time my car is not screeching and screaming now is when it is parked.

Am I sane?

I just got this sweet HP laptop, here are the specs. It comes with a dual core Intel Centrion, 4 GHz processor with 6 GB of RAM and half a Terabyte of harddrive space with a dual layer DVD writer with lightscribe capabilities. Two days ago, water poured on it, and it went berserk. I was angry at myself and then I remembered that it was still under warranty so I didn't flip out too much. So I decided to take my laptop to my mechanic who charged mii 200 dollars to fix it instead of to the local HP laptop dealer which was free and now my laptop works but the screen is always a shade of grey and blue.

Am I sane?

You don't think I'm sane
but you do the same thing everyday.
Everytime your life, your soul,
which I choose to believe is more precious than gold
is hurt or damaged beyond your control
you choose to fix it and try to make yourself whole.
You talk to friends who sometimes console
and other times cajole you to dig a deeper hole.
All of this takes a toll on your damaged soul
and yet you persist to resist
the only One that can truly assist
who doesn't need a checklist
to identify what has been missed.
Your soul is under eternal warranty
so instead of doing something costly
instead of dealing with the worry
instead of being surly on this journey
because you had to pay a pretty penny
for that which has been given freely
approach the throne
approach the throne of the One
approach the throne of the One who created you
before the foundations of the world He knew you
and made a plan to send His son to redeem you
approach the throne of the One
for He alone can fix whatever ails you.
I do not have a 2008 Corrolla or a Rolex or a Intel Processor HP Laptop and I promise you that if you were to find it in your heart to give any of these items to mii I WILL NOT misuse them or fix them in an insane manner. :)

Every 3 seconds

Every three seconds...

Today they will starve and I will do nothing
They will starve in a world where food is thrown away and pets are fed 3 times a day

Today they will need shoes and I will be blue
They will need shoes in a world where I'm blue cuz I can't afford the latest Jimmy Choo's

Today they will cry and I will not see it
They will cry for help in a world blinded by Hollywood stars in pursuit of fake memoirs

Today they will suffer and I will not lift a finger
They will suffer in a world where giant pharmaceuticals create smaller Viagra capsules

Today they will need clean water and I will go for a swim
They will need clean water to drink in a world where beaches are cleaned and kept pristine

Today they will beg and I choose not to hear it
They will beg for deliverance in a world where we pay musical chefs to make us tone deaf

Today they will be helpless and I will be tired
They will be helpless in a world where we are all tired from working to pay off what we've acquired

Today they will cold and I will be bold
They will be cold in a world where we are so bold we create see thru dresses trimmed with gold

Today they will seek a solution and I will be busy, too busy
They will seek a solution in a world where enlarging our army is our number one priority

Today they will waste away and I will be concerned about my waist
They will waste away in a world where the size of our waist brings us disgrace and so we have it replaced

Today they will die and I will do nothing8888***8888****** ***8888
8888** *********88888888Today they will die because I did nothing
They will die in a world where I live888***888***888****** **88888
88888** *********888888888They will die in a world where you live
They will die in this world.
Our world.

this event was brought to my attention by

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Yesterday, Today and maybe Tomorrow

i went to a concert yesterday
Donald Lawrence reminded mii that I have an inheritance
Hezekiah Walker told mii that God was Faithful
Marvin Sapp said I never would have made it without Christ

I was on a high
came home helped my cousin with homework
made today's lunch and took a shower,
crawled into bed

got up at 7
took another shower
picked up my phone, talked to my CSO
decided to drop my other cousin off at school before leaving myself

prayed for myself and my wonderful bourgie man (CSO)
kicked him off my phone
drove another 30 minutes
hit a kid

no, hit a kid's car
gave him my insurance info
called my uncle, CSO, sister, friend
got to campus

went to class
my uncle called, i picked up my phone and got grief from him
called the kid, told him not to call the insurance
he said he already had

went back to class
listened to nothing but everything
got out of class
stared at my computer for 4 hours trying not to cry and succeeded

went to my car
heard a funny sound
called my CSO and cried
he prayed, i didn't want to

railed at God for not protecting mii
railed at my CSO for not picking up his phone earlier
kicked him off my phone
tried to do my homework and study

called the kid and made arrangments
to give him 750 bucks which i don't have
cell phone died
started studying

came to my blog
heard my playlist "Praise is what I do"
felt like a wagon of horse manure
asked for forgiveness

one hour later
i remember
can't study and can't focus
tired of crying so i type.

now I have one more hour to fake study for my test
then I will get in my car, call CSO and apologize
drop off books at library
go home, listen to my uncle talk

make tomorrow's lunch
take a shower
crawl into bed
will i wake up?

Sabbath Series:12 - Slower Traffic to the Right

Have you ever be tempted to take what God promised to give you before His time?

Please I live this state,
I am constantly reminding God that my mental, biological, financial and spiritual clocks are ticking.

Why, is my life stuck in the slow lane when everyone else is speeding down the interstate.
This person is graduating,
that person is buying a house,
she is married,
he is now a father,
he proposed in Vegas
he has dental insurance,
she just got a new car.

It's mine, right?
What God has for me it is for mii.
So it's mine.
God already promised mii, you remember
He said I will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies
I'm not making this up, He said that He will give mii perfect peace in the book of John.
The righteous are not supposed to be forsaken, right?
Thru the Prophet Jeremiah, he said that the plans He has for mii are good, to bring mii to an expected end.
What God has for me it is for mii, right?

So help God help you
He has already promised to bless you and enlarge your territory.
So taking it now, it's okay, it's yours.
I mean on earth we are bound by time but Heaven isn't and we are His children
So claim it,
Name it
and then go and get it.

God is taking too long
Come on
It's already yours.
A lil' compromise doesn't hurt.
Abramham cut a few corners and everything worked out for him.

Ever had these thoughts
I am queen of this castle.
For real. No one spends more time trying to figure out a way out of this to get what God has promised mii, I am His child. Everybody compromises, mercy I'm in Houston, you can either go the marriage or fake resume route, everybody does it, it is only a small white lie, right?????
I deserve His blessings

If you have EVER entertained these thoughts.
Check this out
1. click on the website below
2. Go down to the month of may
3. Click on the Icon right next to the May 3rd sermon "Slower Traffic to the Right"
4. It opens up in Windows Media Player fast forward to minute 50 and start there
5. listen to the first 10 minutes: start at minute 50 and go to like 1hr 05min and if you do not feel compelled to continue

come back and curse mii out.

have a blessed weekend.

My name is...: Part 3

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains answers to the previous posts. If you haven't read them yet, please do My name is...: Part 1 and My name is ...: Part 2 before you find out who they are (yeah right)
My name is Pain aka Suffering,
My brother's name is Presents aka Blessings,
I am in love with Praise aka Thanksgiving.

From Kafo:
I am soo determined to keep Pain and Praise seperate. You see I have this habit of depending more on Presents. Presents is hot, he is soo cute, and they make a good couple. I believe that Praise and Presents should get married and have babies. They have soo much more in common than Pain and Praise do.

Seriously, do you really think that Praise wants to be around Pain?
Have you ever seen them together?
Yeah, that is what I thought, once in a blue moon and
Doesn't it always look awkward when they are in the same room?


I believe that the only thing my Praise needs is Presents.
I will Praise when Presents is near.
I am soo concerned with God's Presents that
I miss His Presence which only becomes visible in my Pain.

i don't think i should say anything more.