I have a test tomorrow and this huge assignment to complete for later in the week and last week was a runaway train that just refused to follow instructions, so yeah this week has to be without the normal breaks, blogging, facebooking, and all that jazz so please pray for mii ooooooooooo.

I was having devotions on Friday morning and this next post dropped and it was hot, so yeah I'm just going to transcribe it and not beautify or poeticize it. It's untitled cuz it has a second part but you have to answer the question to appreciate the second part.

but yeah i'm rambling
oh one more thing
pots yes it is stop backward it was my mind versus my conscience, a duel in which i tried to justify cursing someone out and then i couldn't go to bed because my mind was churning so yeah i turned on my computer to get it out and on paper.