Sabbath Series: 10- Not before you're in it

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord

How many times have you heard this song?
I’m at church today and this young man is leading worship and as the words appear on the screen, I finally understood this song that I have sung numerous times.
The strength does not come before you take the stand to wait for the Lord. The strength doesn’t come after the battle is over. Strength comes in the midst of the waiting period, during the battle.

Jochebed put her son on the Nile before he led the children of Israel to the promise land
The three young Hebrew men were in the blazing furnace before Jesus joined them
Elisha abandoned his father’s lucrative business before his bones raised the dead
Elijah climbed Mount Carmel before fire came down to consume the offering
Naaman swam in a spirogyra infested river before he was cured of leprosy
Ruth, a childless widow, left Moab before her great grandson became king
Esther’s head was almost chopped off before she thwarted Haman plan
The disciples cast their net before they brought a record number catch
The women touched the hem of Jesus’ garment before she was healed
John was thrown into a pan of hot oil before he converted hundreds
Noah made a fool of himself, building an ark before the Flood came
Moses went to Egypt before the children of Israel were delivered
Abraham had to leave home in order to claim the promised land
John was imprisoned on Patmos before he wrote Revelations
David answered the suicidal pledge before he killed Goliath
Jacob’s blessing came after the midnight wrestling match
Peter got out of the boat before he walked on water
Gideon reduced his army to 300 before they won
Mary went to the tomb before she saw the angel
Moses raised up his arms before the sea parted
Daniel stood firm before the lions went vegan
Joseph found his breakthrough in prison

and then sometimes help doesn't come
it may not always come when you are in it
because if it did it would defeat the purpose
Jesus went to Calvary and was crucified
Jesus went to Calvary and was crucified before He was ressurected
Jesus went to Calvary and was crucified before He was ressurected so that I may live eternally.


Jaycee said...

If I tell you that God is making me read this for a reason, it might seem I won't...

The three young Hebrew men were in the blazing furnace before Jesus joined them...

Noah made a fool of himself, building an ark before the Flood came...

Lord, could this be why I'm still waiting for those things that you promised? Wow...

Lady A said...

Thank u for the reminder! I can't wait to finish my testimony so I can be added to the list...

disgodkidd said...

Noah made a fool of himself, building an ark before the Flood came...

am glad am not alone in the "Fools Club"...

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

our testimony definately worth the trials. Thanks for the reminder.

Favoured Girl said...

Thanks for this! And now i too have closely examined the words in that song. It is in the midst of the trial when I'm weakest, that God's strength will rise in me.

Have a blessed week.

simeoneomobaba said...

not before, not after...
while i'm in it..thank you gracious father

Standtall said...

I love the way you design the write up. Cool

KJB said...

Beautiful reminder :)!

Hmm...Lazarus died before he was resurrected. Funny. Sometimes, it's sooo clear to us that we're at our end....and we're STILL in the middle and not forgotten.

Thanks for sharing!


Remi, United Kingdom said...

Everywhere I go...the message is the same. Daddy, once you have spoken, a thousand times I have heard. I will get busy doing that which I am suppoed to do, whilst I am waiting for the things you whisphered to me... Forgive my inactivity Lord... I now know why I am here, in this wilderness in this vallye.. .. yipeeeeeeeeee.. actually that in itself is pure release.. phew...
Much love girl..

Writefreak said...

Preach it sistah!
There's a blessing in the storm...
Thank you for this word!

Kin'shar said...

hmmm, like the rainbow color effect......

now for my testimony.........

Rita said...

God give me the courage to make the right move and strength to wait on you...

Kafo, this is an awesome word for me. Thanks

Lindah said...

Thanks for the colourful and well-written reminder. I am still hanging on.

~Mimi~ said...

wow! this was lovely to read! God bless you.

Kafo said...

@ jaycee: u r telling mii. this is a recurring message that d Spirit keeps on reinforcing every where i go

@ lady a: all in His time

@ disgodkidd: ouch when you put it like that it stings Fools club

@ the life of a stranger called mii: i'm doing a mini history lesson on some of the old hymns and most if not all come from pain

@ favouredgirl: may God continue to shower us with patience to wait on His will

@ simeoneomobaba": amen

# standtall: please, i was bored adn then i started moving things around and rearranging and then i still had time and decided to mess with the color

@ kjb: i thought about Lazarus and then i was like hmmmm i don't want people to think they have to die but yeah you are so right

@ remi: your prayer is mine girl

@ writefreak: please you cannot thank mii seriously, i am just a vessel

@ kin.shar: i wish i had more colors to work with but i was too lazy to mess with the HTML code

@ rita: amen

@ lindah: i really believe that is the hanging on and waiting that is the hardest and that is because i am prone to forget his goodness

@ mimi: thanks

Afronuts said...

This is some powerful entry!

Its like theres a message in it for everyone because we all have the different challenges we're going thru

It just inspired me to make a unique entry on parallels like these

thanks for posting this!

OluwaDee said...

"Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord"

So true.

KM said...

Hey Kafo -- I tagged you. :)

rebecca said...

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