Stop talking
I have something to say
Stop talking
I really think you want to hear what I have…
Stop talking
But this is really good. I mean…

Please stop
Hurling accusations without any caution
Concocting stories to give yourself glory
Degrading humanity with your profanity
Spewing slander across the counter
Elaborating gossip just to get some people to crack up
Selling lies and buying crimes with your lips

Okay can i go to bed now
Kafo I really need you to...
I got it
Do you understand the gravity of this sit...
Mercy! i rebooted my computer for this
i need to sleep, it is almost 3 in the morning


disgodkidd said...

any relation?

simeoneomobaba said...

babe , what u saying..?

Rita said...

POTS...read backwards....stop...

But please expantiate...is it the talking or the rebooting we have to stop? :-)

feather said...

doesn't matter what it means. i like. feel like shouting that lots of times. does saying pots instead work?

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

kafo, pls stop, pls stop confusing me.. pls STOP it..heheh.. I like this.. as always.. ur style is always well delivered.

Jaycee said...

STOP! Just plain old "STOP IT" will do.

...But the other party isn't really "listening" to what Kafo is trying to say...and what she may have to say or do this time may be different.

(Just creating my own drama)...mwah!

KM said...

hey girlie. glad you're safe and sound. :)

Neers said...

Kafo! A STOP is just an excuse for beginning

Writefreak said...

I guess i can interprete this to mean stop and listen!

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Lol.. I love this abstract....
Stop and listen to what to what Kafo has to say.
I can almost picture the scene
Me ... hello do you
other... as I was saying
Me... eeerm I want to say that
Other...oh yeah I saw on the TV the other day (not missing a beat or blinking an eye)
Me... aaargh... Just stop and listen to what I have to say lol..

Okay that was me trying to write a screen play! lol..

simeone said...

hi dear..you have been presented an award with love...pls check my page for details...