My name is ...: Part 2

If i don't post this now
it is going to be on mind so yeah
same rules apply. In order to appreciate this you really need to read the previous post.
Think about the highlighter sections and what two things in your spiritual life... (i'm giving too much away)

Why is he starrring at mii?
Does he really expect mii to come over?
dressed in last season's fashion, he is a poor version of what a man should be
He doesn't really expect mii to sit by him does he?
Hell no
we cannot coexist
my laughter to his pensive mood
My sunshine to his rain
My dreams to his clouds
my beauty to his uummph to his ....
Now, I know that I might seem fickle to you but I am really not
Am I suppose to love a man I have nothing in common with
Am I suppose to try and work at this
His brother is fine, his brother and I have al ot in common
We attend the same church and like the same kind of food
watch the same kind of movies
We belong together
we are two peas in a pod
We are both believers headed toward heaven
My parents even think i should be with his brother
I mean it is soo natural that the whole world accepts our union
We fit
We mesh.
Why should i defy society and my family and my heart to be with him
Why should i try and struggle to make a go at it with him
It doesn't come naturally to mii
I really don't feel like singing when he is near
Dancing is definitely out of the question

My name is______________


Who is He?
Who is She?
and your thoughts

Have at it
and have a blessed week


simeone said...

requires some thinking...will be back

Jaycee said...

I'm thinking...I want to give a fabulous answer, so let me spend some more time...*giggles*

~ScotchBiscuits~ said...

thank you for the award:) i'm flattered!! I'm running a wild schedule at the moment but I do plan to follow the instructions that go with it. Thanks again. and I am having a hard time filling in the blank.

Writefreak said...

i think i am not poetic enough! lol, don't really understand...*scratches head*

God's child said...

aww thanks for the award, I'll follow the instructions and continue with it. In regards to your exam, read the book of Daniel for motivation, just like Daniel would have scattered the exam, so shall you. Daniel had the ministry of death, you have the ministry of righteousness!
I updated my blog again! 2x in September!! YAY! I'm making progress! lol

Hmm I thought i had an answer, saw twin and was about to blurt out Jacob, and then now its looking more complicated lol let me meditate on this one

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I know I know who they are all refering to........ok I dont want to give away my answer, let me wait heheh..

Neers said...

hmm... who?? indeed... umm... actually, on second thoughts... chuck it *shy giggle* :p

Prettylyf said...

Why, what can I say for the award? am at a loss for words. Thanks.

Jaycee said...

My name is WORSHIP...
The one staring at her...PRAISE

Line of reason: sometimes worship constitutes a more pensive, rainy, and cloudy mood...while praise is all laughter, sunshine, singing, and dancing...

My thoughts: Praise and worship should go hand-in-hand.

Lollll...just guessing...I'm already feeling like someone that got it right, mean while I'm not sure I get the hang of the game yet.

ps: did I say thank you for the wonderful award u bestowed upon me? And also that I'm excited you are reading "A Voice in the Wind" for the second time? Lollll...u're tewwww much!!!! *Hugs*