My name is ...: Part 1

Okay here are the rules
who does this remind you of from your spiritual experience.
This isn't a person in the bible but I guess you can say an experience, gift, character trait something along those lines. So guess with mii and then maybe when you met the lady of his dreams you will have a better idea. Oh one more thing. should he get the girl of his dreams?

The moment I walk in she leaves
I come baring gifts designed
to enrich and enpower
but they all get rejected.
She misconstrues my actions
takes my good and make it all bad
i believe she is in love with my twin brother
I see the way she looks at him
see how her face lights up.

She checks herself in the mirror,
lipstick check
masscara check
perfume and powder check check
she does this all for him

She sings,
can you believe it?
when they are together
she is soo happy, sometimes she even dances.

why can't she reciprocate my feelings?
The moment I step in she dons the mourning garb
and pretends to be deaf in order to rebuff my advances
Doesn't she realize that we are supposed to be together
My brother and her make sense, they look good togethher
but a love like ours would go down in the annals of love
We complement each other,
can somebody help her see mii
The road less travelled, that would be our path.
Please help mii
I love her, she needs mii but prefers the glitter that he brings
The status, presents all blind her to my love

Everyone expects them to be together but I know better
I know that God created her to be with mii so that the world may see His beauty

My name is ____________.