Summer Consumption: 5 - Sex is NOT the problem

I have about 6 more days before i have to go back to Houston, heat and school and i would be lying if I told you that i was ready and looking forward to it. There was this list of things to do and places to go and books to read and it seems like I am not even 25% into the list, for instance there are at least 10 books that I haven't even opened and i was really scared that i was going to end the summer without a 5 star book but VIOLA, here it is

I did not read I kissed dating Goodbye because i didn't date and still don't
I did not read Stop dating the Church because I am addicted to my church and can't church hop
I did not read Boy Meets Girl because I was angry at Joshua Harris for kissing dating goodbye
so yeah there is nothing up until now that recommends this guy or his books to me, it's like Joel Osteen something about him prevents mii from reading his books (do not gasp!)
I am not going to tell you about this book because there is soo much to say and I don't want to focus on one issue instead of another and make you think that this book is about A and not Q
so yeah

read this book if
  1. You are in a relationship and boundaries cause issues
  2. You want to know more about masturbation and the Bible stand
  3. You want to be sexually pure in every way
  4. You have a hard time forgiving yourself for last night
  5. You think the way you dress shouldn't affect him
  6. You don't plan to have sex before you get married
  7. You are over the age of 10 and have a pulse
  8. You are single, married or divorced.
  9. You like sex
  10. You love God

so yeah two thumbs wayyyy up
and 5 out of 5 stars

No book is perfect but there is a wealth of knowledge that will help to agressively pursue God's will knowing full well that you WILL screw up and that everything you can do really can't measure up to what is needed to redeem your soul.

I'm planning on starting a book club in my church in Houston just so that we can read this book. Right now I am flipping thru Lies Women Believe and Jesus for President


simeoneomobaba said...

"a wealth of knowledge that will help us aggress.... pursue God's will"..we actually do need that wealth of knowledge and wisdom to apply it..

Allied said...

Why that title? Now people on my bus will know what i wish to know..

Kafo said...

@simeoneomobaba: your right i guess that is where James 1:5 comes into play, i was talking to this other friend of mine and she is a Ted Dekker fan and was like You have to read the Color Trilogy so yeah when i return to houston i will pick them up

@ Allied: LOL. sowwyyyyyyy :( for real, read the book

AlooFar said...

It's so cool here.

Reverence said...

hmmm really? i am not really a J Harris fan, i started reading i kissed dating goodbye and i got bored...
u dont like Joel Osteen?? *gasp*
you seem to be convincing me..maybe i'll pick it up.

Jaycee said...


OOOOOHHHHH...I'm off to the store soon to get this book then. I've been wanting to read somn with a wealth of information for this topic ever errrrm, yeah...that's why I'm excited!

Thanks Kaf! :)

Writefreak said...

Will be on the lookout for the book!

rethots said...

...sure will.

Kafo said...

@ aloofar: thanks i think :)

@ reverence: u and mii both on Harris but this was is aiight

@ jaycee: STORY story i think u have a story to tell

@ rethots: r u back

@ writefreak: cool

disgodkidd said...

cn u help those of us who cnt get the book? mayb post some tips from it. theres sum info here am interested in/. thnks.

i saw ur comment on daydah's blog...yep we know each other,i even tried to get her to hook me up wit u, but she needed ur permision...

Sugarlumps said...

Talk about not being ready, today i have my first class and its bummer.
I love J.Harris. I've read "Kissed Dating Goodbye" and "Boy Meets Girl"...i loved them but i was thinking..gosh does that kinda thing exist anymore, its pretty hard.
I think you should do the whole book club thing...and id love notes on the books coz...they sound interesting..
Thanx for showing love..

Favoured Girl said...

I read "I kissed Dating Goodbye" and "Not Even a Hint" when I was single, but I haven't read any books like this for a while so I'll put it on my "to read" list. Thanks!