Summer Consumption: 4- The 10 Commandments of Dating

Okay this continues my whole I am trying to understand relationships and sexuality and all that jazz.

So yeah two smart guyz put together a book and here are the 10 Commandments according to them.

  1. Thou shalt get a life

  2. Thou shalt use your brain

  3. Thou shalt be equally yoked

  4. Thou shalt take it slow

  5. Thou shalt set clear boundaries

  6. Thou shalt save sex for later

  7. Thou shalt not play house

  8. Thou shalt fight fairly

  9. Thou shalt not ignore warning signs

  10. Thou shalt choose wisely

Now some of these are clear cut and what you would expect but there are a couple of suprises. Commandment Number 3 is not just about being unequally yoked spiritually but include other areas in which you might be yoked differently. I think I liked Commandment Number 2 the best, there was this acronym for the BRAIN

Balance the head and heart
Refrain from physical intimacy
Analyze your past relationships
Include others in the process
Never neglect opportunities to evaluate along the way

Not exactly two thumbs up, more like one and a quarter.
There is something that rubs mii wrong when people portray men as only wanting sex and women as only wanting commitment. Yeah, maybe I am just naive and need to believe that the primary goal of every man is not just to get into my pants, but yeah, my perogative, I think it was in the chapter on Not living together that they said Men only move in for free sex and i was like OKAY....... and yeah then there is the whole women acquiensce to sex just for intimacy as if we are not hot blooded humans ourselves.

So yeah good book with some antiquated assumptions but their suggestions are all valid and worthy of note. Oh, the book was written about 10 years ago so some of the references are out of date but i believe that their might be an updated version out there. All in all 3.9 stars out of 5


Jaycee said...

I've learned from experience that every man's goal is not just to have sex...and I love that!

When someone loves you, sex will be overrated.

As for the ten commandments...I give them the same ratings as u did...I choose #5 as my best because this is the most difficult thing to do in a relationship, but yet is one of the most crucial things...or else...


Kafo said...

i was rereading the book to my CSO and realized that i liked #4 alot, i do have the tendency to sprint all thru the marathon and the authors made a wonderful point that taking it slow initially helps in the long run

thank you oooooooooooooooo Jaycee, at least there is one sane person on the planet who doesn't view all men as ogre LOL

disgodkidd said...

"take it slow?"...uhhh....speak guess i need a lot of relearning here, but this does sound like good advise..

OluwaDee said...

I like 2 & 3.

Like Jaycee said: I've learned from experience that every man's goal is not just to have sex.

We all want d same thing just in different proportions.

Afronuts said...

LOL...Actually I've read that book and that was b4 I got married!

Good review. Infact u already applied an objective point of view which is good because there may be more than one way to do the right thing.

Its so sad that many people find it hard to handle commandment 6.

Lady A said...

Simple instructions yet there is temptation. However we are more then conqueors...

Eb the Celeb said...

I can dig it... all very good commandments