Sabbath Series: 8- Forgiveness

In church,
last Sabbath
this is my mind.

Are You serious?
She defines the word hypocrit
Talking about praying twenty four seven
If she were my chaplain
I'd call the hangman
or pray for a handgun
to end it so i wouldn't have to listen
I can't do this
This smile that she has
where was it

where was the smile
during the years of pain
that coursed thru our veins
where was the support
before the report
that exposed her cohort
where was the support
after the report
Calm down.
Why, they messed up bigtime
where was the remorse
where was the repentence
which would have come at no expense
we should have taken offense
when she built the fence to seperate
Do we look dense
to stomach this nonsense
Listening to her talk sweet words
She talks beauty
where was the humility

and diplomacy
when she sanctioned slander
three feet from the altar
okay maybe that is a slight exaggeration, Lord

it was like what
seven feet no more like twelve
just outside the sanctuary but still in the church
plans to besmirch
your ordained and chosen
and it is starting again
oh what a web we allow them to weave
this web of deciet and lies
by our complacency
Forgive, my child.
While they baptize and prophesize
we say our goodbyes
and let righteous die
instead of an outcry
we fold our hands and theorize
but this is not my fault

Did she really expect a hug to change it all
expect us to forget
talking on the radio
to boost the family ego
the dynamic duo
Bonnie and Clyde
hurling spitball accusations
dragging your church's name thru the mud
seeking blood
spreading hatred
ah yes, you
i really can't say anything about him
right? even tho' he gave this vulture wings to fly
i can't say anything about him
even tho' he perpetuates this decietful cycle
i can't say anything about him
even tho' he rewards the dishonest and unjust
i can't say anything about him
even tho' ...
i'll stop
because lashing him would offend You
because he is a chosen minister
is he?
Lord he was ordained to lead but what happens now
Cupid Conference
My child, vengence is mine.
do i look like i am five
thinking she can buy mii with a hug
or a smile
this is so vile
but then it is their style
the others they try and buy off with food
in an effort to set the right mood
subdued, they won't intrude
or is it gifts
they choose to use to mend this rift
give the church another facelift
and hope that we are dense
and will stomach this nonsense
She is DEAD
egba mii oooooooooooo
in the last ten minutes two of them have mentioned her
Am i the only person on this planet
that realizes that talking about a dead person in present tense is wack
they need to get over themselves
and stop lauding those who dead
which part of the dead know nothing in
Ecclesiastic don't they understand
no u just force doctrine down our throats and
expect us to live the truth that you preach
and teach
and forget this latest speech
because i really doubt that she fooled anyone
okay maybe a couple of clueless brethren
Forgive, my daughter.
stop, stop telling mii to forgive them
those that condemn and cause mayhem
and steal and missue Your money
i am suppose to forgive these people
and try and be peaceful
instead of using my spiritual pistol
why can't i just pistol whip them with Your word
this is so absurd!!!
let mii set this record
for no reward
with your sword
straight up
i could start with talents in Matthew 25
then remind them of Sapphira fate in Acts five
David wouldn't touch Your anointed in 1 Sam. twenty six
that should remind them of spiritual ethics
i could work my way to the abominations in Proverbs 6

and let them know this isn't the path to heaven
Ai and Achan in Joshua six and seven
should let them know nothing is hidden
from your sight
prayers that are trite
are dealt with in Isaiah one
Matthew chapter 3 would let them know
repentence is the only option
First John first chapter verse nine
would realign this decline and
set a deadline
to end this mess
they need to confess
Please, Lord
let mii speak, let mii shout
let mii lay these people out
forgive, 'cuz i've forgiven you



Jaycee said...

"during the years of pain
that coursed thru our veins
where was the support
before the report
that exposed her cohort
where was the support
after the report..."

This whole idea of forgiveness is so hard...

But when we learn that God forgave us first...

I love this...

ps: u need to see my response to ur

Kafo said...

we are blogspotting at the same time

i know
it just feels like the more i talk about it the less I hear Christ. so i guess i need to just shut up

KM said...

Yeah... "peace be still" has its uses. :)
Learn what grace is. They don't teach this in Sabbath School, lol. But learn what it is, and it'll blow the world wide open.
It will.

disgodkidd said...

it does pay to pay more attention to the sound of Gods voice than the sound of ours...

simeoneomobaba said...

mhen..u write and i can feel the fire from ur heart..i was in a situation dat and i decided to act instead of letting God act..and now..i learnt my lesson the not so pleasant way

Kafo said...

@ KM:grace okay any suggestions on home to go about that besides reading a book, and if a book is a great place to start which ones

@ disgodkidd: the problem is i have a very LOUD voice lol

@ simoneomobaba: so i should chill and listen to God, i know thanks for reminding mii

simeoneomobaba said...

hey..u shouldn't chill and listen again o. i believe he has told you what to do..which is :let things be He'll act as appropriate when neccessary. smiling

Kafo said...

@ simeonomobaba: i don't like u anymore i was just starting to like you, sad :(

but yeah i know what i need to do

not smiling

simeoneomobaba said...

not smiling, pls can i know what i did that you didn't like..? i still like you.

Kafo said...

just joking
that would be my reply when the truth hurts

simeoneomobaba said...

you shuold try and get "blink" or "saint" its off-the-chains..
i must say u got me there ..

simeoneomobaba said...

..and theres this "explosive" trilogy "black, red, white"..u cant but love it..

Writefreak said...

It's sometimes very ahrd to forgive, i agree, this reminds me of an incidence years ago when i was in uni, it was very hard to forgive..i still struggle but as jaycee said...He forgave us first!

Dennis Matanda said...

Very well done, Kafo. Very.

KM said...

Book -- the one I'm always talking about: Free of Charge: Giving and Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace by Miroslav Volf. $5 used on Amazon; someone "borrowed" my copy and I just bought it again because I want to read it again.

Other book -- the one you're always talking about: meditate on Romans 5 and 6 ... and Philippians 2... They speak to the past and future victory of grace, the powerful grace demonstration that Christ was to you, and how that demonstration flows into your social and spiritual life. Matthew 5-7 bring you right back to what He taught while He was here... the principles of His kingdom, the kingdom you are a citizen of. It is not beyond you to be like your Father. He has made you and He knows what you are capable of.

Practice -- when the lady comes to mind, hold her image in your mental eye and tell her image that you love her; that you wish she hadn't done what she did but realize the past is out of your grasp and out of hers too; that you acknowledge Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3 that are great about her and a potential power for good; and that you are praying for her growth and maturity. Bless her, and then release her image. Do it until it stops feeling stupid. And then keep doing it because it is who you are.

In the meantime, be patient with yourself, and be patient with others. We're all growing, and it's going to be fine. *hug*

Reverence said...

ohhh this is beautiful. i was in this situation not quite a year ago. i found that i did not get any relief until i gave the pain over Him. As in i literally went on my knees and gave my feelings over to God. Now the person and I are friends and i honestly do not know how that happened.

I looove the song on your profile...

anonymous gal said...