Army Wives.
Last summer, i was bored out of my mind and while i was flicking thru channels I came across this show, Army Wives, on Lifetime. Now let mii just preface this post by saying that I have a HUGE bias against Lifetime, it seems that everytime i end up on the station, some teenager is winding up pregnant, or her mom is getting the living daylights beat out of her by her boyfriend who she thought was dead but he came to life. Oh and let's not forget the drama of high school. So yeah, let's just say i stay away from the station.

So as i was saying i stumble across this show and fall in love with it and the drama of these women who have married military men. So this summer, season 2 is about to start but i couldn't really remember what happened during season 1, so i put the dvd on hold at the library and waited in anticipation so that i can relive last summer's drama before plunging into this summer's.

Last Wednesday after much waiting the library contacted mii that the Season one was waiting for mii and i jumped into the car and rushed over to get it.

I am spending the summer with my sister and her roommate and I told them both that they had to watch ONE episode.
41 minutes and if they did not fall in love with the show they didn't have listen to mii harp at them anymore about the show. On Thursday everybody was tired so i don't think we even put on the TV. Friday came and i reminded them to watch it but they didn't. Saturday night my sister fell asleep before I got back home but when her roommate got back I once again reiterated the point and told her to just watch the first couple of scenes and if she didn't like it she should stop.
She did and was hooked.

On Sunday, I literally dragged my sister to sit in front of the TV and watched the first two episodes with her and she was like her roommate was hooked.

Sunday night i had to go to bed early so I left them watching episdoe 5 thinking that they would watch one or two of them and then go to bed.

They were up until 8 am and watched the whole first season.
And now they are both going thru the second season.

So I should be glad, right?
I sold a product and they bought it?

They spent over 10 hours over the last 3 days watching a TV show that I recommended.

So i deserve a round of applause, right?
but for some reason i am not elated,

yeah i did pause for half a second to give myself a pat on the back but that was it

you see i can't remember the last time i promoted something spiritual to my sisters with that much enthusiam.
Something that would bring them closer to Christ and not just entertain them. Something that would change not only their faces but their hearts.


So yeah.

What are you promoting?


disgodkidd said...

i just scanned through this post now..but i think i get the gist of it...everynite my yahoo status msg reads "am watching 24 so leave me alone"....yesterday a good friend asked me..."i hope you read your bible as much"...i plead guilty

disgodkidd said...

and am looking out for "Army Wives" too....

Lindah said...

I am addicted to soaps at ourlocal station. the problem is that some of them are screened at the same time.

Well...planning to promote some product soon. Thanks for sharing.

Jaycee said...

That was how I got hooked on Prison return I forced others to spare just a few minutes in watching PB with me...and they got

Imma try "Army Wives" :)

Kafo said...

@ disgodkidd: u and mii both

@ lindah: back in the 1980s i was traumatized by a SOAP story and so i have a hard time getting addicted, something mii mum said about this couple we knew that got divorced because of General Hospital but yeah one day at a time

@ Jaycee: prison breakkkkkkkkkkk i used to be a huge fan, never missed an episode in season 1 or 2 and then last year i didn't have access to the TV at 8pm and so i fell off the bandwagon but now that sara is not beheaded but coming back HMMMMMMMMMMMM i dunno
but yeah i am trying to cut the number of shows i watch

wish mii luck y'all

Uzo said... i wondered about army wives and i shall definitely get the series now...But i get your point about gushing about 'non important' stuff

Daydah said...

ok...I get the point. And unlike everyone I don't watch TV so I am not 'hooked' to any show or soap at the moment.
Yeah - I am hooked to work! (Don't say it pls! i am trying to change, I really am!)

on the other hand, I promote love and relationships. Always matchmaking, it is so much a part of me, but I have retired I am looking for something else to promote..