Summer Consumption: 2 The Whole Truth

Why waste time discovering the truth when you can so easily create it?
Baldacci is to Washington Conspiracy Theory novels as Grisham is to Law fiction. I skipped the last two books because I thought they were too predictable but this one defies expectations. Have you ever wondered about how truth is manipulated and sold to the public at large?
Yes David does go off on some crazy tagent but the implications of Perceptions Management companies and how they affect our lives will blow your mind.
so yeah, pick up this book if you love
Washington and all it's drama,
have a minor crush on Grisham,
are into journalism,
one man revolutions
and fear mongering

All in all i give the book 4 out of 5 stars


Jaycee said...

And I see David Baldacci's books at Borders bookstore...something keeps drawing me to him, but I hardly ever try new authors. Hmmm...maybe I'll try this later...

Hope ur summer is beginning on a great tangent. May God enlarge ur territory and may He surprise u!