Let mii be mii

I'm home
after 19 weeks
I am finally home
but all i am getting is grief

can't you just be glad that i made it back to Indy in one piece and start lynching my fro

Okay i have to admit after a week in the hospital my hair isn't presentable
but then again so what
why can't you just be happy to see mii
why do you have to try and change mii

i really don't know how this is going to end
should i bend
or stand firm

asa si gbo (crazy person)
i really don't care
i would rather spend the money on my bills and not on my hair

so i guess here is the question

why can't y'all just let mii be
crazy hair
tattered slippers
well worn clothes

why do i have to dress up and look cute and presentable
is there a verse in the Bible that commands mii to look presentable and fit the form

so yeah
the battle begins

my nephew had a recital and basically all the fam (or at least the 8 other members that were present) decided to dress mii down from my crazy half dyed auburn hair to my cracked lips to my slippers

yes it was all in jest and it was said with love and ment to uplift and not degrade but still
i would really just want to be
just be
just be

be mii, it seems like i was able to dress the way i wanted to which is basically flowing skirts and tank tops when i was in Houston but i have been back in Indy for 3 days and each day is another KAFO how can you wear that and HOW long have you had that

and i really don't see the big deal
i don't

so yeah
if you do and you can explain it to mii without being a snob

please do


have a blessed weekend



lol! abeg, no vex.

Take care.

Allied said...

i will also use comfort over fashion but we have to br presentable to be taken seriously...

how are u

feather said...

love the way u wrote this.

Jaycee said...

You know what? There's absolutely NOTHING like being "ourselves." Every other behavior is fake and fakeness only results in regrets! Loll....so crazy hair, tattered slippers, and well-worn clothes, yayyy!!! Just try to love combs a lirrule ok, at least that will make for healthy hair...LOLLL.

Ok, Kafo...I know u do not HAVE auburn hair! Lol. Do u?

Kafo said...

@ solomonsydelle: still working on the Clinton piece i didn't forget

@ allied: all is well and i am thanking God that school is over at least for the next 13 weeks

@ feather: i was tired and just needed to vent before i slept so yeah there is no intended rhyme or reason to it

@ Jaycee: LOL yes i will try and comb my hair at least once a week now, i tried to dye my hair red on Feb. 29 (because it a leap year day and i won't see it for another 4 years and wanted to do something special) and then i didn't let the dye stay in long enough so the front of my hair is kinda auburn LOL

Jaycee said...

LOLLLL...I'm sensing u just love that word "AU-BURN." It sounds sweet to say out loud, abi? Lol.

UnNaked Soul said...

let herr be herr!!!!


rethots said...

...and she is she.
What hails thee?

Oracle said...

Kafo, you gotta be yourself, dress how you wanna and just be the Kafo you're satisfied with but with your explanation it seems your appearance was really out of planet earth. Don't you think you should also pay a little attention to your look.

you can wear what you wanna but i think your hair should always be combed.

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL. Awwww, poor thing. I'm sure things will get better. Houston is EXTREMELY hot right now so you KNOW this summer is gonna be a scorcher, right?

Queen of My Castle said...

Wait, are you already back in Houston? We STILL haven't hooked up yet, and I am craving some walnut shrimp and lo mein from PF Chang's

Charizard said...

First time here...loving ur blog...definitely gonbe here more often

OluwaDee said...

U just have 2 dress in a presentable way.
Being comfortable is vert impt. Guess if pple r complaining a lot, u can look 4 ways 2 look really good n still b u.


sista, you took the other blog down, or it just isn't listed anymore? Anyway, hope all is well with you and yours.

BTW, Happy Nigerian Proclamation Day to you! Not sure what that is? Visit NIGERIAN CURIOSITY to find out.

disgodkidd said...

hello kemi. miss this place.