Sabbath Series: 5 ??Trinity??

The complexity of Your diety
overwhelms mii and so in
order to simplify and quantify
that whicn cannot be contained
or explained in a world bound
by time, I'll say this.

In the beginning You were there
when man was a concept,
time an idea and earth an
empty void shapeless entity.
You were ALL there.
You decided to make man
in an image, a likeness of all three.
So somehow my humanity mirrors
certain aspects of YOU.

We, being the fickle and
wannabe geniuses that we are
have tried to not only name Your essence,
Trinity, we have somehow, with our only 5% active brain,
managed to create schisms and define isms
in that which was meant to unify us.
Some use analogies of things created by you to describe you,
clover leafs, steam-water-ice, the lists go on
need i continue...

Words like redemption, santification,
justification seem inadequate to explain
the role that is played by YOU in my life,
So I'll skip the theologicial rhetoic and speak plainly.

YOU created mii.
I messed up.
Sooooooo my Father sends the
Son who agrees to come and save mii from myself and the
Spirit to guide mii on this path to becoming more like that
which was created by my Father, His Son and the Spirit.

End of story.

I can't seem to write what I am thinking
I have written alot okay maybe not a lot in the last month but it isn't what i am trying to say and so I am done trying to write what i want to say, i'll just write and hope that sometime soon i write what i want to say.


Jaycee said...


Sometimes there are so many emotions we think and feel, sometimes boiling in the deepest parts of our arteries and veins, yet they can't be put into words.

I love this new creation called ur "Sabbath series." As usual, it makes me see God (in this case, the Trinity) in a very beautiful light...thank you Father...for Who you are. Thank you Jesus, for dying for me even when I continuously mess up. Thank you Holy Spirit, for continuing to be my teacher...with every passing second!!!!! :)

Today's ranting said...

Hmmmm nice poem.The trinity is one mystery that we humans cannot fully comprehend it's just beyond human comprehension.The more you try to unravel the mystery in your head, the more you get confused.

OluwaDee said...

seems u r into rhymes.

9cly written tho, like the way you talked about my dad n hw he created this earth 4 me & u.

ejura said...

That question "am i sometimes evil or good?" caught my eye.
Nice blog. Filled with spiritual musings!
Trinity? It's a mystery really but I'm glad I'v somehow been knitted into their very fabric.

Have a great day!

Lyrically speaking said...

Thanks for stopping by my space, yours is inspiring, enjoyed reading this

Daydah said...

Nice usual. Try to channel your thoughts into a direction, and don't dwell too much on it. You will find that not concentrating too much on the issue will actually help the creative juices to flow well.
You are already gifted.

KM said...

Hey sis, you asked about my "free rice" icon? I got it at they have an unobtrusive "banners" link at the very bottom of the page. I guess it's hard to find cuz they want you to actually play, lol.

Uzezi said...

i understand, and He knows what u were trying to say

Jaycee said...

Kafo...u've been very nicely tagged (check my bloggie)

LG said...

Well written!!

sprezatura said...

If this is not what you intended to write then i wonder what the depth of ur writing intentions will be. i go through the same expeience and the truth is no matter how good what you have written sounds, deep down you know it aint what you want. It will come

Jem said...