Woes of a Logical Person: V - A Dream Attempt

Let’s dream of a world void of pain and grief
No, let’s live in a world of peace
amidst the pain and grief that will be brief

Let’s throw caution to the wind and just be
No, let’s thread softly and weigh each decision
Cuz repercussions can affect one’s destiny

Let’s live in a land flowing with milk and honey
No, let’s live like love is our only currency
instead of chasing after money

Let’s tell each other what we want to hear
No, let our honesty serve as a light
And illuminate that which needs to be clear

Let’s banish separation and end goodbyes
No, let’s create enough pleasant memories
to ease the inevitable separation that will arise


It is missing something
I don't know what
But something is missing
So yeah, if you know what it is please let mii know
I couldn't figure out what to call it A Dream Attempt, An Attempt to Dream
How NOT to Dream
The ending is wierd, the whole piece is disjointed, hmmmmm. sad. :(
good night jare


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I love this, trully... I will calling it - "dreaming! what a tempting Idea" lol from the options you've given that is. How is new place - even though its been many months now?

Kafo said...

Texas is something else
this week is spring break so hopefully i'm able to discover it a bit.

i like the whole WHAT A TEMPTING IDEA part