Slowly but surely

I've been thinking too much
and today after watching the Clinton Obama debate for the THIRD TIME
I decided to take action.

I was sitting down on the phone last night and something came to mii but I'm too lazy to type it up now so i'll get to that on Wednesday

but yeah something non-political

mercy this is hard
it really is hard to not tell you of the polls and security details and NAFTA and mailings


I ate ice cream today
I really did not have a choice, it was 80 degrees and i was coming out of Barnes and Nobles and there is this cute lil' ice cream shop and the rest is history......

Weird, in February and with each scoop I realized how odd it was. Do I miss the snow HELL NO but i miss all the things that come along with 30 degree weather.

Okay this is officially my last post about the weather cuz i know my sisters and all my friends are tired of hearing of the sunshine so i'll stop

but yeah
i had
Caramel and Vanilla with White chocolate chips and oreo.

Other news
I have this other song on repeat in my head

the words say
Let mii boast in one condition Lord
You are God and I am man