My condition

This part of the song lasts for like 30 seconds but everyday it comes back to mii.
I lift my eyes towards the heaven
I tune my ear to your command
help mii boast in my condition Lord
You're the God and I'm the man
You're the God and I'm the man
Five things
  1. You have to look toward heaven
  2. You have to tune your ear (which means NO IPODS)
  3. And even then you still need help to recognize your condition
  4. Worst part of it all, u eventually reach the point where you boast in your condition
  5. This condition that makes you so proud and happy, is that you are NOT IN CONTROL

I know what I want and when I want it. I have my timetable and life all mapped out. I don't have to wait in silence to figure out what I want. I know it. So in most cases all I need is that God show up and do his lil' part as I previously requested.

Then these words remind mii that my plan my goals, my dreams should always be in context of His will cuz He is God and I am man.

Dang it.


Jaycee said...


How r u darling? U're reminding me of that scripture in proverbs 16:9that distinctly says (matter-of-factly) that, "A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps."

Sometimes ehnnn...we've just gotta let God do what He wants to do with us...(*smile*) use bothering urself the end of the day His plan will be wayyy more than what u could have ever imagined for urself (by urself!).

Anonymous said...

lolllll, you know what? God loves us very much and most times what he wants for us is not very far off from what we want for ourselves...if not even better. It's just that it might not happen within the time-frame or way we imagine it want it that way would be putting restrictions on God or like putting him in a box. We can't do that even if we wanted to cus his ways are higher than ours so mch so that we could not even imagine how to.

So my dear, what i do is this ...pray and lung after my dreams knowing that God loves me enuff to make me end up well and successful anywhich way. All things work out for good. It has no choice but to be good and great where you are concerned plus you may even grow deeper in your faith/fellowship with him and be positioned for other great things/experiences along the way.

KM said...

That's right, not in control. I'm glad you're learning the lesson while you're standing and healthy. Some of us learned it in hospital. :-)

Had wondered if grad school was kicking your butt but if ice cream is in play... it obviously isn't! Good!


Kafo said...

@Jaycee: u know that feeling that you have something to say but because you are too scared of what will come out so u don't say anything. well i have been oscillating between that and pulling a Psalm 39

@ jasmine: hmmmm i like

So my dear, what i do is this ...pray and lung after my dreams knowing that God loves me enuff to make me end up well and successful anywhich way.

i think i have been waiting for him to say something that i haven't done anything and then i get mad at my inactivity thanks

@ KM: true, i just finished let mii not say finished, but i'm in the process of realizing that learning something now is better than later.

well yeah, let's say that the ice cream was as a result of the attempt to study. If that makes any sense.

Ms. emmotions said...

a man neva is in control ..true,
we make our own plans ignorantly witout waiting for he who is in control to direct our ways,
all in all, we ask, pray and then wait for HIM to perfect thereby taking control,

very useful post, very important,
thanx for sharing dear

Uzo said...

This piece just speaks to me. I am a control freak. I want things the way i want them, how i want them and want them. I constantly have to remind myself that i am not in control....